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Wrike welcomes new suite of integrations enabling enhanced collaboration across teams (Thu 9th Nov 17)
Cloud collaboration tool, Wrike, now integrates with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Slack.
Barbara Co announces business name change to Azure Cleaning (Thu 9th Nov 17)
A spokesperson for Barbara Co, a local cleaning provider, announced last week the official company name change to Azure Cleaning. The change will be effective as of November.
Analytics and Data Summit (Formerly BIWA Summit) Announces Event Date Change (Thu 9th Nov 17)
Analytics and Data Summit (Formerly BIWA Summit) Announces Event Date and Conference Content Submission Deadline Changes
BIWA Summit Announces Name Change to Analytics and Data Summit (Thu 9th Nov 17)
BIWA Summit Announces Corporate Rebranding, Changes Name to Analytics and Data Summit
TBA21-Academy curates top level conference at the Bonn Art Museum for the protection of the oceans (Thu 9th Nov 17)
COP23 held in Bonn from 06-17 November, is dedicated to the implementation of the Paris Agreement of 2015, the application of the climate goals.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Training Designed By Industry Experts (Thu 9th Nov 17)
100% Job Oriented Hyperion Financial Management Live Training ✓Trusted Professionals ✓Flexible Timings ✓Real Time Projects ✓Certification Guidance. Enroll!
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Training Designed By Industry Experts (Thu 9th Nov 17)
100% Job Oriented Hyperion Financial Management Live Training ✓Trusted Professionals ✓Flexible Timings ✓Real Time Projects ✓Certification Guidance. Enroll!

Nopoku Launches African Inspired Online Store in North America (Thu 9th Nov 17)
Nopoku's online store conveniently provides access to distinctive, exciting and diverse clothing and accessories with a few clicks.

LBFG Develops New E-Book and Webinar Focusing on Air Barrier Failures (Wed 8th Nov 17)
Prevent mold and moisture problems in buildings through air tightness.
EVM Energía announces expansion and diversification of its business divisions (Wed 8th Nov 17)
EVM Energía, the leading power generator company in the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM), is pleased to announce the expansion of its business in the US market.
The ReachMe feature allows InstaVoice users can receive incoming GSM calls for free over data, when roaming or when network is unavailable. It also provides new revenue streams for mobile operators while saving costs, and helping them meet user expectations from voice in the data age
Eigooo, Inc. Launches New Teacher Follow Function (Wed 8th Nov 17)
Users now have the option to follow a teacher and be notified when their followed teacher is online
Outstanding WordPress Support, now available in United States! (Wed 8th Nov 17)
With the advent of the digital marketing, it has become important to have a good online presence. This is especially beneficial for both business owners as well as individuals. To create an outstanding business website or personal blog, nothing is better than the new WordPress. It provides all the necessary tools and features to create a website or blog owing to the simple drag and drop feature, thereby removing the need for any complicated coding. However, those using WordPress for the first time might not be able to understand the ample of features and functions provided. They might need the assistance of an experienced professional to create their website or blog.
Wooten Co unveils new company logo (Wed 8th Nov 17)
Wooten Co, an established cleaning provider, announced new corporate logo today. The rebranding represents the company evolution through the years and is focusing on its mission for the future.

Kenya’s First Business Directory for Service Providers, Nisort, Launches (Wed 8th Nov 17)
Nisort Kenya, a new directory that will list service providers, is now live.

New QuiqAPP™ Ordering Feature Now Available at AAA Credit Screening Services (Tue 7th Nov 17)
In response to client demand, AAA Credit Screening Services is now offering the QuickAppTM feature, which allows users to send a web application to their applicants by email, eliminating the need for paper applications and signatures.

Dallas/Fort Worth Fair Features Charlee Professional Cybersecurity Suite By Charles Edda and Charles Bouley, INC. (Tue 7th Nov 17)
Charles Edda and Charles Bouley, INC. will display their latest seminar series located on their homepage, products and services showcasing Charlee. Everyone in your business should have meager to diminutive trainings from tech support or an agency such as Charles Edda and Charles Bouley notifies you. These businesses are there to ensure organizational protections, creating environments of virtual safety that ensures customer’s data is protected and staff and employees understand what to do instead of screeching out 'FIRE'!

Announcing the launch of Ride Rebels App - A Limousine Ride Booking App (Tue 7th Nov 17)
Scroll and read more about Ride Rebels App - A Limousine Ride Booking App
Hesser Co celebrates 10th anniversary (Tue 7th Nov 17)
Hesser Co is proud to announce its tenth year as a leading residential and commercial cleaning provider. Throughout the years Hesser Co has successfully implemented new technologies and achieved steady growth. The company will celebrate the anniversary with special events in November.
World Dryer Announces Energy Saving Hand Dryers Now Available (Tue 7th Nov 17)
World Dryer is the top manufacturer and distributor of hand dryers and the only company offering a wide selection of hand dryer products.
New social media automation software could save US companies 500M man-hours annually (Tue 7th Nov 17)
Blog2Social helps business owners, marketers and bloggers save time and boost their content marketing by automating, customizing, scheduling and promoting their content across all major social media networks.
First Spoons Offers New Nutritious Baby Food (Tue 7th Nov 17)
First Spoons is a home delivery company that specializes in healthy, organic and delicious baby and toddler food.
EC Awards: Finalist For Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017 (Tue 7th Nov 17)
EC Awards is best known for producing engraved or colour printed awards made of glass, crystal, and acrylic.
Red Lion Education signed agreement with 30 institutes to set up international vocational education alliance in Shanghai (Tue 7th Nov 17)
Red Lion alliance, with the combination of Sino-foreign cooperation and capital, has integrated the global advanced experience and has the ability to scale and cultivate talents with international vision and practical skills.
Text Based English Teaching Chat App Eigooo, Inc. Launches 24 Hour Service (Mon 6th Nov 17)
Cellphone application Eigooo, Inc. launches 24 hour service, giving the app the edge to reach new heights as timezones no longer limit users' access to this modern English teaching service.
Edinburgh University Press Partners with Enago to Offer Manuscript Preparation Services (Mon 6th Nov 17)
Edinburgh University Press (EUP) announced their partnership with Enago, a leading author service provider that specifically caters to the large section of the global research community for whom English is a second language (ESL).
Online Art Portal ShowFlipper Launches ‘Influencer Program’ (Mon 6th Nov 17)
We are ShowFlipper, an exclusive California-based online platform with a mission to promote and sell the works of emerging artists, authors, and jewellery designers. Our present art categories include books, digital art, sculpture, jewellery, fabric art and fine art. We cater to a staggering number of creators from over 53 countries around the world. ShowFlipper enjoys the attention of an appreciative, constantly growing audience. We have a sound revenue model in place that allows artists to earn and follow their passion. Visit
AdYoYo and their Development Partner, Seashore Partners to Attend WebSummit in Lisbon (Mon 6th Nov 17)
Christopher Kelly, CEO of AdYoYo, as well as Kuntal (KJ) Mehta, owner and founder of Seashore Partners, will be attending WebSummit, the largest tech conference in the world from November 6th – 9th 2017
Lock USB 1.0.2 Released - Perfect Security of USB Drives! (Mon 6th Nov 17)
Lock USB is an improved USB security software like no other. Lock USB is fast, unique & reliable regarding the service it offers. It does not require any admin privileges to run and has the option of plug and play and relieves you from the fear of data loss.
Dakota Co adds vehicle cleaning to its list of services (Mon 6th Nov 17)
Dakota Co, a leading cleaning service provider currently serving the Casper, WY area, announced today they are going to offer a new service, that will be available for their customers starting November 1, 2017 - eco-friendly vehicle cleaning.
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