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Duracable Introduces Brand New User-Friendly Site (Tue 24th Oct 17)
New Site Creates Impeccable User Experience for Loyal Customers
Anvizent Expands UK Presence. Partners with Octopus Blue to Deliver Manufacturing Analytics (Tue 24th Oct 17)
Anvizent, the Atlanta based purpose-built manufacturing analytics platform, announced today a strategic partnership with Octopus Blue, the UK’s leading business software consultancy
Singapore Lawyer – Blessing In Disguise For New Bloggers (Tue 24th Oct 17)
Divorce attorneys offer more Services than simply giving legal advice, they work harder to guard the attention of their customers and ensure every thing goes smoothly without wasting time and income.Individuals with expectations to know about family lawyer singapore and other details can feel free to visit
Schwinn and Diamondback releases their newest cross trainer machines (Tue 24th Oct 17)
Tow of the popular cross trainer manufacturer releases one of their newest elliptical machines
SNAB Global Development Launches Business Support Services (Mon 23rd Oct 17)
Business support services contributes to the efficiency of international agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations and businesses.

Jazz-Singer Zoey Tess Live on PPRN Radio (Mon 23rd Oct 17)
Jazz singer Zoey Tess joins for a live performance, interview and roundtable talk


PRO Releases CCNA Exam Cram (Mon 23rd Oct 17), a leading practice tests provider, released CCNA exam cram, conforming to the latest exam topics.

Rap is a Sport now offering the largest number of news on rap events from the world (Mon 23rd Oct 17)
Rap is a sport is a website that is designed to promote rap music. It offers a massive variety of information and news on different types of rap music related incidents from around the world. The platform is created to facilitate rap music enthusiasts in finding the information they have been looking for regarding their favorite rap stars.
Spacial Audio Partners with Nobex Technologies for Customized Mobile Applications (Mon 23rd Oct 17)
Partnership with Nobex Technologies enables Spacial Audio to add custom mobile applications to robust offering of broadcast automation technology
CheckMark Announces the Releases of 2018 Software & Software Updates (Mon 23rd Oct 17)
Updates are available for immediate download for CheckMark Payroll, MultiLedger, 1099 and 1095 software
International Conference On Neurorehabilitation And It’s Associated Disorders (Mon 23rd Oct 17)
This conference is devoted to the Neurorehabilitation Sciences, and it will give participants a platform to exchange ideas, discover novel opportunities, reacquaint with colleagues, meet new friends, and broaden their knowledge. The conference will be an attempt to make a green event towards building a sustainable world.
Translation Company in Dubai Expanded Legal Translation Services (Sat 21st Oct 17)
Translation Company in Dubai expanded their legal translation services from Arabic to more than 100+ languages.
MONSAM Enterprises, Inc. introduces All New Food & Coffee Cart Portable Sinks (Fri 20th Oct 17)
Antioch, California, 04th Oct 2017: MONSAM Enterprises Inc. has been a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor portable sinks across the United States for over 18 years. In addition to their collection, they have recently introduced the new range of food & coffee cart portable sinks.
Ubimax launches “Frontline Creator” – a Tool to easily Create Your Own Augmented Reality Applications (Thu 19th Oct 17)
Frontline Creator, a new graphical Authoring & Publishing Tool for the creation of Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality applications is now available as part of the web-based Ubimax Frontline Command Center. Shop floor managers can use Frontline Creator to easily configure Wearable Computing applications, existing workflows, user interfaces and system interfaces on the fly - without being an expert programmer or IT professional.
Office Rock Announces Huge Discounts On Office Supplies And School Stationery (Thu 19th Oct 17)
The online office supplies and stationery store has opened its warehouse to bargain hunters.
Conquer Online is About to Open a New Era Today! (Wed 18th Oct 17)
As a 14-year-old game, Conquer Online ( never stops making changes. With the updates of Kingdom War, Beyond Perfection and Windwalker, Conquer Online keeps its vitality and grows with players.
Whosoda Inc announces the Shapes For Change with custom key chain can markers. (Wed 18th Oct 17)
Whosoda Inc announces the Shapes For Change with custom key chain can markers.
Digital Lion Donates 10% of Profits to Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids (Tue 17th Oct 17)
Digital Lion, a company specializing in web development, graphic design and digital marketing, has chosen Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids for this year’s 10% donation

Insite Web Launches a New Website to Combat Bad Websites (Tue 17th Oct 17)
Most websites are rubbish, make sure yours isn't! Insite Web launch a web design service that delivers customers a website based solely on commercial consultancy, local visibility and customer goals, designed to exceed lead generation and sales targets.

Royal Oak Whisky Mumbai Launch - Press Release (Tue 17th Oct 17)
Royal Oak Gold Edition is a premium grain whisky crafted by blending 20 year old aged Indian malts and select ages scotch.
Core Desktop Expands Their IaaS Profile With Superior Managed Cloud Services. (Tue 17th Oct 17)
Company to help clients leverage cloud computing more easily and effectively
New App Lets Users Book Appointments from Home (Tue 17th Oct 17)
Whether it’s a haircut or spa treatment they seek, clients never have to leave their homes again. With the new “Personal Beauty & Wellness” app, the pros come right to them!
ANZZI Introduces Echo Series Showerhead Featuring European Design (Tue 17th Oct 17)
One of the leading providers of home hardware and fixtures, ANZZI introduces the Echo Series wall mounted showerhead that comes with a bath faucet.
Suttle-Straus Announces Webinar on Top Mistakes in Direct Mail Design (Mon 16th Oct 17)
Rob Hanks, a Certified Mailpiece Design Professional, to present “The Top 10 Mistakes in Direct Mail Design.”
Artsyl Technologies Introduces docAlpha 5.0 Chinese Language Interface (Mon 16th Oct 17)
New docAlpha 5.0 localization extends Artsyl Technologies’ global market reach
Deadlines Soon: American Psychological Association Annual Convention (Mon 16th Oct 17)
The American Psychological Association, a national organization advancing psychology to benefit society and improve people’s lives, has announced the deadlines for convention proposals for their 2018 Annual Convention.
TibSolutions Launches Low Cost Cab Booking App PickTaxi (Mon 16th Oct 17)
TibSolutions, the IT company having its offices in India and the US, has recently launched its new Taxi Booking Application PickTaxi with a moderate price. The low cost App developed in-house will have great appeal to discerning and price conscious yet aspiring Cab Operators who want to expand aggressively with less investment and Start-Ups who are looking for new ideas and opportunities.
CEO of DNA Celebrity Branding Agency, Nick Nanton, Set to Direct New Documentary (Mon 16th Oct 17)
DNA Celebrity Branding Agency is a well-renowned, full-service agency that utilizes innovative multi-media, PR, marketing and branding to help industry leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and various professionals actualize their full personal brand potential.
Specially Designed, Professional Infrared Thermal Imager from FOTRIC (Mon 16th Oct 17)
Accurate Temperature Measurement, High-Resolution Imaging, Multiple-Device Compatibility and More
Indus Net Technologies to Participate In InsurTech Rising, London - Europe’s Largest InsurTech Summit (Mon 16th Oct 17)
Indus Net Technologies will be showcasing their core expertise in consulting and implementing digital innovation strategies for Insurance Companies, Brokerage Firms and InsurTech Enablers at the InsurTech Rising, London. With 700+ attendees, 300+ Insurance Executives and 100+ Investors, this is Europe’s largest InsurTech Event.
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