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Volusia Manufacturers Association Appoints New Board of Directors for 2010

The Volusia Manufacturers Association appoints its new Board of Directors for 2010, representing the different manufacturing and associate members in its manufacturing association.

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December 15, 2009 (FPRC) -- Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA) is the only manufacturing trade association established by manufacturers uniting Volusia and Flagler County Manufacturers and Associates. Leading the Volusia Manufacturers Association is the VMA Board of Directors, representing the various manufacturing member companies and associations. The VMA Board chooses new board members for the upcoming year in November and proudly announces the new board members for 2010.

The Chair of the VMA, whose main responsibility is hosting the General Membership Meetings, is Reba MacLagan of Performance Designs, Inc. Ms. MacLagan was the VMA’s Chair last year and is currently employed by Performance Designs, Inc., a world-class parachute manufacturer in Deland, Florida. The new Vice Chair and Programs Director is James Hampton of A. 0. Precision Manufacturing, LLC. Serving a second term for Past Chair is Pete von Lersner of Gambro, Inc. Jayne Fifer is the Volusia Manufacturers Association CEO/President and has been since 2005.

Heading the Human Resources Division is Lori Charpentier of Ardmore Farms Country Pure Foods, a leading independent juice processor with a manufacturing facility located in Deland, Florida. The Human Resources Division focuses on Human Resource issues and regulations and is composed mainly of human resource representatives from each company or those members who are interested in Human Resources. The HRD is one of the three main manufacturing divisions in the VMA.

Leadership of the Manufacturing Excellence Division is being shared by three members from differing manufacturing backgrounds. Pat Gray, one of the leaders, is currently employed at Sparton Electronics, a diversified electronics company dedicated to the manufacture of electronics for medical devices, Anti-Submarine Warfare, and many other specialized products. Tom Hayden of Teledyne ODI, is the second leader for the VMA Manufacturing Excellence Division. Teledyne ODI is a leading manufacturer of sub-sea electrical and fiber-optic connector systems used for offshore oil and gas, defense, oceanographic and research projects. Dorrie Sawyer of FloMet LLC is the third leader of the VMA Manufacturing Excellence Division. FloMet LLC is a manufacturer of precision, high-volume metal components used in medical, surgical, orthopedic, dental, orthodontic, health, hearing, aerospace, defense, electrical, telecommunications, and industrial applications. The VMA’s Manufacturing Excellence Division presents programs to support quality in manufacturing, quality regulations, and best practices for manufacturing.

The VMA’s third division is the Materials Division focusing on manufacturing costs saving programs with special focus given to discuss current inventory, purchasing, or manufacturing issues and regulations. Co-Directors of the Materials Division are Roy Braddy of Hudson Technologies and Lois Stuart of Thompson Pump and Manufacturing, Co. Inc. Hudson Technologies is a local manufacturer of over 15,000 standard deep-drawn metal enclosures and stampings used in industrial and commercial flow meters, medical implantable devices and batteries, aerospace and aviation controls and switches, and IC chip manufacturing. Thompson Pump and Manufacturing is a manufacturer of high quality engine-powered portable pumps for use in construction, by-pass, dewatering, public works, mining, sewer-lift stations, wastewater, and agriculture applications.

Supporting the VMA are Bissy Holden of Florida Health Care Plans leading the Ambassadors Group and Steve Hall, of East Coast Insurors, leading the team for VMA Membership Development. Florida Health Care Plans is a leader for providing health care benefits to members who live or work in Volusia and Flagler Counties. East Coast Insurors is an insurance provider for personal health, home, long-term care, and travel, or professional business insurance, currently licensed in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Leading the VMA Awards Group for Manufacturers and Associates is Jim Zahnen of Homac Manufacturing and Thomas & Betts, an Ormond Beach manufacturer of connectors for the utilities industry, industrial construction, and private manufacturers.

Volusia Manufacturers Association is dedicated to examining legislation proposed by national, state, county, and city officials and advising members on issues that will impact their businesses directly or indirectly. Alan Jorczak of Entech Controls Corporation leads the Government Relations area along with John Ferguson of Cobb Cole for specific Government Relations legal issues. Entech Controls Corporation manufacturers mosaic controls for railroad or mass transit, industrial process controls, or water and electric utilities or custom-made switches. Cobb Cole is one of the associate members supporting the Volusia Manufacturers Association specializing in many areas of personal and business law. A new board member, Dan Cox of Volusia County Schools, will head Education Relations to support local quality education at all levels. Mike Sibley of James Moore & Co. CPAs and Consultants leads the Plant Tours and Young Professionals Group, promoting member manufacturing operations and expertise. Jim Townsend of Tel-Tron Technologies Corporation serves as the Small Manufacturers Liaison and Expo leader, coordinating all efforts for the annual VMA Small Manufacturers Expo. Lastly, a newly created board position for increasing Marketing and Sponsorship of the VMA will be led by Tom Gaskin of Wachovia Bank.

The Volusia Manufacturers Association proudly announces the new Board of Directors for 2010 and is looking forward to the opportunities that 2010 brings for Volusia and Flagler counties, local manufacturing, and the VMA manufacturing and associate Members. President/CEO, Jayne Fifer, said, “Each year, creating a new Board of Directors for the VMA, brings in fresh, creative ideas for keeping manufacturers connected with the local job market; connected with the community; connected with city, council, state and national legislation; connected with educational institutions and opportunities; and most importantly connected with each other for support and success.”

For more information about the Volusia Manufacturers Association, please contact:
Volusia Manufacturers Association or Jayne Fifer at 386.673.0505.

About Volusia Manufacturers Association:
The Volusia Manufacturers Association was founded in 1980 in Volusia County, Florida by manufacturers for manufacturers. Volusia Manufacturers Association provides information, education and networking opportunities to help manufacturers grow and succeed. VMA are made up of companies that range in size from one employee to over 500. If you are interested in joining the Volusia Manufacturers Association, please visit

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