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Freeswitch Service Announces the Launch of FreeSWITCH Solutions to Deliver Seamless IT Solutions for Augmenting Business Needs, an endeavor of Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. located in Ahmedabad, India, is proud to announce the launch of a range of upscale FreeSWITCH solutions. These solutions are of immense use and benefit to companies wanting to embrace the latest trends in Telecom technologies.

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May 22, 2013 (FPRC) --, an endeavor of Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. located in Ahmedabad, India, is proud to announce the launch of a range of upscale FreeSWITCH solutions. These solutions are of immense use and benefit to companies wanting to embrace the latest trends in Telecom technologies.

“ is a VoIP service provider of excellence and offers a vast array of services that are in line with the client's requirements and specifications. The company also provides a range of conferencing solutions, audio conferencing solutions, video conferencing solutions, and VoIP conferencing solutions to discerning clients. Also available are a bundle of IVR solutions, IVR programming, IVR VoIP, IVR applications, and IVR systems, that go a long way to meet clients' specific needs,” says a company spokesperson.

FreeSWITCH is an open-source solution which can be utilized to address the complex communication requirements of companies big or small. As a cross-platform solution, FreeSWITCH is capable of supporting various VoIP and PRI protocols. Since it is flexible, it can be used with different codecs. FreeSWITCH is the right option for clients who desire customized solutions for their specific business or organizational requirements. Since FreeSWITCH is open-source, many applications can be developed on the top of the FreeSWITCH skeleton.

The range of solutions that can provide to its clients are:

FreeSWITCH Fax Server: The FreeSWITCH Fax Server solution is an effective replacement to the fax machine, which primarily saves a lot of paper. The introduction of the FreeSWITCH Fax Server Solution makes way for a paperless office through the efficient delivery of faxes. It also permits the integration of voice as well as data. This solution is thus a secure and efficient method of meeting the fax requirements of a client's enterprise. In actuality, this server is a soft-fax system that can be used as an alternative to the conventional fax machine. The FreeSWITCH Fax server is capable of running on the server at the client's office or an IP network using the T.38 or Fax over IP (FoIP) technology. In this case, a computer is solely dedicated to the purpose of handling the faxes of all the users of the client's enterprise network. The work of the FreeSWITCH Fax server is to convert the documents received from users into faxes and transmit them while performing the same process in the reverse direction with respect to incoming faxes. is the ideal solutions provider for FreeSWITCH Fax Server, fax server setup, fax server installation, and fax server configuration for clients big or small.

FreeSWITCH IVR: The FreeSWITCH IVR solution provides for a cheaper and automated IVR solution and it easy and efficient to operate. It comes with features such as Voice Recognition Software and also paves the way for effective networking. It also makes for a system that can be handled by lay personnel. Adding or upgrading the software is very simple as well. The plain fact is that the conventional PBX phone system is currently deemed obsolete. IVR systems are now a suitable alternative. These systems have made a mark in various industries such as airlines, banking, FMCG, entertainment, media, and many more. Some of the obvious advantages are that these systems are very economical, providing for a huge reduction in the client's monthly phone bills generated by voluminous inbound/outbound calls. The FreeSWITCH IVR solutions can also incorporate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Also, after-office hours and weekend voice calls can be attended by the FreeSWITCH system and also suitably responded to.

FreeSWITCH Hosted PBX: For companies looking for VoIP PBX systems, the FreeSWITCH Hosted PBX solution functions as an automated telephone exchange in the client's enterprise. This solution effectively handles any number of incoming calls and can provide automated replies to routine queries on the weekends. The system is also capable of providing the voice mail box option to the caller and also simultaneously alerts the user. Other options such as email fax are also possible. This solution is highly scalable and it addresses the issue of adding or deleting any number of users. Also, the solution addresses redundancy with a host of professionally managed databases, servers, routers, and Internet connections. This does away with the issue of the system crashing owing to a fault at a random node or junction. The FreeSWITCH service is a service that is completely reliable as a situation where in a co-user sharing a server will not cause the client's service to collapse.

FreeSWITCH IPPBX: This is a soft PBX system that delivers audio and/or video along with data content. This solution can also be customized to provide a vast array of services that can be custom built with minimum changes in the available communications structure at the client's organization with minimum space requirements. The FreeSWITCH IPPBX can also be extended to provide additional features such as conferencing, XML-RPC control of live calls, IVR, text to speech/ automatic voice recognition (TTS/ASR) and VoIP such as SIP, H.323, jingle, and a plethora of various such services that can be developed with very simple programming. It is also possible to easily integrate the FreeSWITCH IPPBX with the existing PSTN network. Additionally, FreeSWITCH IPPBX brings forth greater mobility to organizations and more versatile long distance communication with the help of VoIP gateways and an Intranet (LAN or WAN). With the help of FreeSWITCH IPPBX, it is possible to overcome huge budget outflows over phone bills, offering greater flexibility at a lesser cost by providing voice/data, video, and multimedia using a single network.

FreeSWITCH SBC: These solutions are provided to keep your network secure from any malicious attach or theft of data. They can even be used to prevent other networks from accessing the network kernel. The FreeSWITCH SBC solutions can also be used to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and further acts as a firewall to the client's network, thereby increasing security.

FreeSWITCH Conferencing: This voice and conferencing solution provides businesses a mechanism through which conference calls can be placed both inside and outside the enterprise. Clarity is the hallmark of FreeSWITCH, providing greater channels of success to enterprises. This solution also makes provision for sharing of documents on the Internet or the Intranet cloud. Therefore, reports, sales figures and other data can also be viewed and discussed by all concerned and pave the way for a faster decision making mechanism within the enterprise. This solution is cost effective and profitable at the same time, providing a real time solution on an easy to use interface that comes with enhanced security.

The company has carved out a niche for itself and provides superlative services for clients businesses. Through FreeSWITCH, the company assures addressing of all communication requirements of the clients' enterprise.

Interested clients can visit for further information. Alternatively, they can call at +91 79 40054019 or +1 303 997 3139 or drop their queries at for additional details.

Send an email to Jenny Davis of FreeSWITCH Service
+91 79 40054019

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