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Mobile Marketing Gets Now Solution

Latest statistics support what many already know to be true - Smartphones are replacing lap-tops and PC's and apps are replacing websites. This article features insights into how affordable and flexible web 3.0 technology is delivering new ways to market and communicate faster and directly with subscribers using a program destined to be the #1 network marketing launch of 2016. It is unique in the world, the infrastructure is patent pending and the Silent Salesman app is trademarked - it also is unique in the world.

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May 21, 2016 (FPRC) --

For the past 3 years the writer has been studying, learning , watching and participating in the development of a leading-edge social media app which integrates with and enhances the experience of marketers using a Face-book page. What attracted the writer in the first instance was amazed by the fact that the developers were so committed to making it a success, they stopped using their website altogether!

Such a cavalier action deserved success and now, more than 50,000 active subscribers and a long list of unique and successful campaigns under their belt has reinforced that that 'times are-a-changing' - something which regular Face-book advertisers will subscribe to. But the unique approach to doing business via social media clearly heralded much change lay ahead.

Fast forward 3 years and it was in late 2015 when the writer was approached by a long-time Internet contact with an invitation to look at his newest (and what might well be his greatest achievement) - a Smart phone App which comes on the back of new technology - Web 3.0.
After a brief introduction to the project and the business opportunity, the writer decided to join and participate in in order to learn and review its potential for local business, entrepreneurs and organizations having interest or currently engaging in social media marketing.

As a result, this article demands priority for publication because, in the writers opinion,

"It announces a highly efficient way for people to communicate with subscribers to their activities in a simple and effective manner - something that virtually anyone can put into effect quickly and efficiently with very little training required" F.heath

As far as most apps are concerned I have not been an "Early adopter"- but "The Silent Salesman" TM Mobile app is different In a very significant way - it places the technology into the user's hands and allows them to customize it for there own purposes to drive their own business activities, sales, marketing and communication operations . By doing this, the The Silent Salesman" TM Mobile app (also known as the ICANGet2 app) allows organizations (church group, business, interest groups, home based business owners, retailers, service providers etc (the list is endless) to work smarter, faster and more profitably by enabling them to literally connect with the people that matter most , their subscribers, 24/7 and faster than ever before!

Using Web 3.0 technology via Mobile devices, users now not only have the ability to communicate more directly and faster than before, they do so in the knowledge that recent statistics show that 95% of SMS messages get opened within 4-5 minutes of receiving the message. This fact alone, when compared with email (today's 'snail mail?) which achieves but a fraction of that opening rate (around 4-6% is normal) which most will agree is a massive step forward for mobile marketing and communications.

Getting the message out then has improved dramatically but who gets the messages?
The answer is 'subscribers' - people who get invited to join the service and agree to receive notifications. This process is worth looking into further because as with most communications they are best excepted when the recipients know who the message is coming from.

Any business or serious group administration has a valid list of contacts - people who've agreed to receive communications that relate to their business or interest. So as a first step to receiving notifications via the app process, existing member relationships can be strengthened with a general email explaining why the Mobile App service is being adopted and how it benefits subscribers or group members.If they agree to receive SMS messages they simply download the The Silent Salesman" TM Mobile app to their own smart phone or mobile device (even a PC) and they're connected!

In the case of the The Silent Salesman" TM app, the benefits to the owner are that not only can they can deliver special notices, offers, alerts etc to loyal supporters (thereby increasing the chance of increased business, foot traffic, sales, profit and public awareness) they can also earn a monthly income via the built-in ICANGet2 app business opportunity.

Its not hard to see the appeal this tool / service can have to smart business people Imagine a local retail store trying to match or better others in a competitive market. A restaurant owner might message regular customers with a "Buy one-get one free offer Tuesday night" or a "Refer a friend and get yours free".You get the idea.

Currently, the planning and preparation necessary to get this kind of offer 'out there' and make it effective, usually requires emails (which often don't get read in time), having fliers designed ,printed and delivered, organizing advertisements or coupons in a local publication or mail out etc. all of which are time consuming, involve a lot of preparation.

However, using their bespoke mobile app, owners can quickly create a message with an attractive offer, eliminate time, money and effort by sending it out directly to all their regular customers at the touch of a button with a greater degree of certainty that the message will get read within a very short time frame and then, receive a direct "Yes" or "No" from their customer base in a fraction of the time required by current methods.

"But" as they say in the TV commercials, "Wait...there's more"!

At the heart of this development and what makes this particularly interesting is a unique signature file called which all app owners can append to their out-going email that provides an amazing viral component to their marketing by generating leads and and inviting others to join a unique business opportunity capable of providing a substantial monthly income in its own right. All the creative work and expertise of a highly successful on line marketing company CEO has gone into the creation of this potentially lucrative opportunity that just about anyone can do.

Until now having your own app has been cost-prohibitive and out of the reach of most people and small business owners , but with the advent of web 3.0 and this innovative app, people from all walks of life can start and manage any kind of on line organization with ease with just a simple smart phone or mobile device and a little effort. its an amazing development worthy of everyone's attention. It is a Game Changer!

More importantly, whilst typical costs for a personalized app for a specific business or cause can be in the USD$4500 - USD$8000 range, this opportunity will likely generate a more competitive marketplace making it more affordable than ever.

The Silent Salesman" TM opens the door to small business enterprises and entrepreneurs to partner with others and have access to the brand new technology that allows people to have their own cell or mobile phone app and even a business. Watch out for updates on this in the near future. Meanwhile , to learn more .......

Click here and learn how you can earn $36,353.00 (or more) just by inviting two people (or less) into this $14.95 per month program!

Send an email to Frank Heath of F Heath Ebterprises

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