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Global Village Announces Record Breaking Number of Guests

The first 2 months of the 21st Season of Global Village attracts 2.3 million guests!

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Global Village, the region’s first multicultural festival park, announced a new record-breaking number of 2.3 million guest visits since opening on the 1st of November 2016, attesting to the success of the unprecedented offerings at the multicultural festival park this season.

Research studies shared by Global Village have shown record numbers on the performance indicators and happiness index surveys of the public, credited to the destination’s offerings which are of the highest international standards.

The diverse and culturally rich experience that Global Village offers its guests, in addition to a series of major international entertainment events, has played a role in strengthening the positioning of Global Village as one of the most popular tourist destinations at both, a regional and an international level, witnessing the influx of millions of guests coming in from all over the world.

Ahmed Hussain Bin Essa, CEO of Global Village, expressed his happiness about the success that Global Village has seen so far within its first 2 months of operations of the 21st season. He said, “The success of the season so far, creates a new milestone for Global Village, further solidifying our resolution to ensure the happiness of every single guest that walks into our park.

During this season we have introduced modern improvements to the destination to embody the vision of Dubai for to attract more visitors, by focusing on family entertainment..

Additionally, we are also hosting the largest entertainment offering for the first time in the region as well as concerts with the most famous Arab and international singers in order to provide experiences that exceed our guests’ expectations." Ahmed Hussain Bin Essa highlighted that the happiness of every guest at Global Village has always been at the forefront of the destination’s priorities and this has resulted in the initiative of conducting a study of “guests’ journey”, following universal guidelines, and analysing the results of this study with the aim of continuous improvement in services and offerings.

Commenting further, the CEO said: “Global Village takes pride in being a unique tourist destination in Dubai, in addition to it being on the list of ‘favourite destinations’ for visitors to Dubai and the region.

This season we expect to receive the largest numbers of guests for what Global Village offers, in terms of a culturally diverse experience in both shopping and entertainment.”

Research and Survey Results A review of ratios and indicators explains the results of 9/10 on the happiness index achieved by Global Village, which has been based on the distinct experiences, events and development of facilities that are all key factors that have contributed to the happiness of guests and their satisfaction with the services at Global Village.

The amount of time guests spend at Global Village has also increased by 20% which is directly related to guest satisfaction with their experience at Fantasy Island, pavilions as well as Global Village’s food offerings.

An interesting number of guests have been enjoying Karak Tea, with more than 600,000 cups sold so far.

Facebook follower numbers exceeded 220,000 while followers on Twitter are more than 20,000 and Instagram follower numbers surpassed 100,000 in addition to 15,000 followers on Snapchat.
New Enhancements of the 21st Season As part of Global Village’s mission to enhance its guests’ experience, Global Village has offered several smart solutions to purchasing entry tickets, such as an online platform accessible through its website, smart phones and vending machines where tickets can also be purchased.

These improvements are a result of Global Village’s collaboration with Dubai Trade and Rusoom, to help promote Dubai’s vision for becoming a smart city.

More than 250,000 tickets have been sold through Global Village’s digital platforms.
Numerous improvements and changes have also been made to Global Village’s parking lots on several occasions. Global Village’s management has been keen on facilitating the process of getting to and from the parking to the entry gates as easy as possible for guests.

Guests can use the free shuttle services provided by Global Village management to get to the parking lots and the gates with more than 575,000 guests having used the shuttle services to date during this season.

Additionally, Global Village has built a new Cultural Square, which has been inspired by the history and culture of Arabia, in addition to the development of the Global Village Boulevard which was further beautified with new scenes of greenery to allow guests to enjoy leisurely strolls while moving from the parking area to the entrance gates of Global Village.

The Roman Amphitheatre and Main Cultural Stage have also been enhanced with new lighting and projection features to provide guests a better experience. In addition to this, Global Village also built a brand new stunt arena to showcase world-class stunts, while using the Main Cultural Stage to host internationally acclaimed cultural and entertainment shows.

Catalyst for Increasing Tourism in Dubai During this season Global Village has received a remarkable turnout of tourist groups, after signing partnerships with more than 40 travel companies as part of its strategy to solidify its positioning as a touristic destination and attracting more tourists to Dubai.

Global Village has also participated in several promotional campaigns and conferences in collaboration with Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing in several countries in Europe and Africa.

Additionally partnerships were made with travel agencies as part of Global Village’s determination to promote tourism in Dubai and attract a larger number of guests, in addition to promoting Global Village in international markets and strengthening Dubai’s position as a popular city for tourists.
Towards this goal, Global Village has introduced a digital platform that allows tour operators to purchase entry tickets at discounted prices in addition to other special services. Key Highlights On New Year’s weekend, Global Village welcomed more than 109,000 guests who enjoyed a wide range of offerings made exclusively for Global Village’s New Year celebratory agenda.

Activities included a concert held by Nancy Ajram on the Main Cultural Stage, in addition to a New Year exclusive addition of the City Jam show, a favourite of Global Village guests, and of course the largest and most extraordinary firework show and the Parade of The World. Furthermore, Global Village National Day celebrations broke records with an unprecedented number of 500,000 attendees.

Celebrations included the operetta ‘UAE - the Nation of Tolerance’, which is considered to be the largest theatrical production held during the National Day celebrations, the Friday night concert of both Moudad Al- Kaabi and Mohamed Al Menhali, which were highly successful in attracting large crowds.

Other activities included entertainment shows by Shaabiyat Al Cartoon and celebratory offerings of the UAE pavilion which included Emirati folk dances such as the Yola and Ayyala on the Main Cultural Stage.

Amongst its many entertainment offerings, Global Village offered guests a wide range of major international shows as well as ‘Dancing Fountain’ shows, street entertainment, and Arab and international music stars in Global Village’s Friday concert series.

The highlight of the entertainment this season, however, has been the inclusion of the world-class stunt show “Speed…Chase…Action!” filled with high-speed action and stunts, offering guests a front row opportunity to experience a movie-like experience.

The show has been entirely produced and designed by Global Village’s production and entertainment team who were determined to deliver a show of the highest quality and standard to its viewers.

The show is an absolute first of its kind at Global Village; following a framework and plotline that involves over 30 international talented stunt performers. Global Village built a new stunt arena specifically for this show, with a seating area that accommodates an audience of more than 1,000 people. Global Village has also hosted the widely acclaimed West End musical, Merchants of Bollywood.

The theatrical dance drama has received numerous awards and has been seen by more than 2 million viewers worldwide. The show featured over 40 Bollywood performers dressed in more than 1,200 pieces of clothing and more than 5,000 pieces of jewellery which were worn across the 30 minute production.

The concert series at Global Village also received ground-breaking success, attracting thousands of visitors who got an opportunity to watch some of the most prominent international and Arabic music stars including Nancy Ajram, Cheb Khaled, Melhem Zein, Tamer Hosny Abdullah Bil Kheir, Mika Singh, in addition to others. Global Village will continue to host stars of the music world every Friday until the end of the season to enthral guests at no additional charge since concert fees are included in the price of Global Village’s entry ticket.

Global Village will continue to provide more unique shopping, food, and entertainment experiences to its guests everyday until April 8, 2017.

Global Village’s opening hours are from 4pm to 12am Saturday to Wednesday and from 4pm to 1am on Thursdays and Fridays in addition to public holidays.
Mondays at Global Village are family and ‘ladies only’ days.

Send an email to Alicia Rose of Global Village

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