Dr. Ali Jahangiri Publishes New Security Policy Cookbook Packed Full of Recipes for Security Policy Makers

New book is a unique guide for IT and security professionals to streamline their security policy formulation. Based on years of information security expertise, this cookbook provides all the ingredients needed to create easy-to-understand security policies covering areas like passwords, intruder detection and wireless networks.

May 12, 2010 (FPRC) -- Dr. Ali Jahangiri, a world-renowned computer and security expert, is pleased to announce the launch of his new book The Security Policy Cookbook. Providing “recipes” for security policies in all areas, from password and Internet use policies to intruder user detection and public mailing list policies, The Security Policy Cookbook is a unique guide for IT and security professionals to streamline security policy formulation.

With over 14 years of experience as a security auditor, security consultant and trainer, Dr Ali Jahangiri brings the full force of his knowledge and expertise to bear in this exceptional book. When devising security related company policies, expertise is essential, and this book releases Dr. Jahangiri's expertise for IT professionals to tap into when developing security related rules, guidelines and recommendations.

As an experienced lecturer and trainer, Dr. Jahangiri was often asked by course participants for a copy of his own personal arsenal of security policy templates. To meet this need Dr. Jahangiri painstaking researched and compiled a complete collection of security policies and published them as this cookbook.

“I decided to address the need,” says Dr. Jahangiri, “spending more than two years to study and bring together the contents of this book in order to create a comprehensive collection of security policy templates.”

Dr Jahangiri's informative guide covers a wide range of security policy areas including Antivirus Policy, Back Up and Disaster Recovery Policy, Computer Account Management, Email, Internet Access and Use Policy, Password, Portable Computing Devices, Server Hardening, System Development and Wireless Network policies.

One of the unique aspects of this book is that a one time payment of $149.90, gives security policy makers access to Dr. Jahangiri's templates in a fully editable form. This means that they can be used as the starting points for the actual security policies deployed by any company with much of the hard work, research and repetition removed. The templates can be purchased from securitypolicycookbook.com. Also, inside the book is a gift voucher giving a $50 reduction on the price of site membership and access to the editable version of the templates.

The templates can be purchased from securitypolicycookbook.com.

The 160 page book is available directly from the securitypolicycookbook.com web site or from Amazon.com.

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