Teacher Conference Has Solutions for Cyberbullying, School Failure, Poor Motivation, Gangs, School Shootings, Students with ADHD, and More

Cyberbullying, school shootings, and cell phones didn’t exist when many teachers got their training to become educators, yet these are the problems that can dominate the contemporary classroom. That is why many teachers struggle with classroom management. The national teacher training workshop, Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth will offer solutions for these contemporary classroom management problems, when the seminar comes to Portland on October 7-8, 2010 as part of Oregon’s Teacher Inservice Days.

September 14, 2010 (FPRC) -- The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop has the specific solutions that today's teachers need to solve contemporary classroom management problems like bad attitudes, tardiness, bullying, anger management concerns, and aggressiveness. The conference comes to Portland on October 7-8, 2010. The conference is sponsored by Youth Change Professional Development Workshops, the Woodburn, Oregon company that has trained teachers and counselors throughout North America for the past two decades.

In addition to learning state-of-the-art techniques to control students’ cyberbullying, the workshop includes specific steps on how to prevent peer conflict, disrespect for teachers, and avoid extreme youth violence, such as school shootings. These strategies are presented by veteran author and trainer, Ruth Herman Wells M.S., who is a popular speaker at conferences, institutes, colleges, and universities. Many of the workshop’s classroom management techniques are taken from Ms. Wells’ most recent book, Becoming a Motivated and Prepared Student and Worker.

In the Breakthrough Strategies Workshop, teachers, youth counselors, foster parents, court workers, mentors, special educators, and job trainers will learn 200 of the newest strategies to prevent or stop violence, as well as methods for apathy, poor motivation, school failure, work refusal, delinquency, dropping out, Asperger’s, ADHD, and truancy. These interventions are designed to work when traditional methods fail.

Presenter Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. is a columnist for SEEN Magazine, an adjunct professor, and the author of 24 books. Her unusual educational posters were featured in the new, hit movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and will be included in the sequel that is now filming. Ms. Wells’ work has been included on cable TV's Mind Extension University, in the Child Welfare Report, and in Adolescence Magazine. The class is sponsored by Youth Change Workshops, which hosts the popular web site, The Problem Kid Problem-Solver at http://www.youthchg.com. The award-winning website is a 'Google Favorite Place,' and has been described as the internet's largest collection of problem-stopping strategies, books, posters, and downloads for teachers, youth workers and parents.

To register, request information on the conference, or free sample interventions, contact Ruth Herman Wells, Director of Youth Change at 1-800-545-5736, dwells@youthchg.com, or visit http://www.youthchg.com.


For more information contact Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. of Youth Change Classroom Management Professional Development Workshops  (http://www.youthchg.com)

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