Shippers Will Have the Opportunity to See Green Packaging Materials Solution at 2010 Natural Products Expo

Shippers of natural health, beauty and food products will have the opportunity to see an innovative green packaging material replacement for plastic bubble packaging at the Natural Products Expo East on October 14th-16th.

October 7, 2010 (FPRC) -- MORRISVILLE, NC -- E-commerce businesses and fulfillment centers that ship natural health, beauty and food products will have the opportunity to see innovative green packaging materials that replace plastic materials such as bubble packaging at the Natural Products Expo East in Boston on Oct 14-16.

Geami, a green packaging innovator, will be hosting a hands-on display of their paper-based biodegradable packaging and cushioning wrap located in booth #2888 of the exhibition hall. The company’s Ready-to-use-roll will also be featured in the Product Showcase at the Expo.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see first hand how Geami packaging materials can be used to wrap and protect a wide variety of products from the rigors of small parcel shipping. On exhibit will be green packaging solutions that are ideal for both Lite Volume and Medium-High Volume Shippers. While attendees will discover how versatile and easy Geami’s protective packaging materials are to use, the unique properties of the biodegradable packaging is the revolutionary lynchpin of the company’s protective wrap, says Lynn Moe, Business Development Director of Geami.

Geami begins as sustainably sourced Kraft paper that is die cut with thousands of slits and then expanded into a honeycomb web. This creates a resilient and cost effective protective wrap and cushioning material that effectively replaces oil-based plastic packaging materials such as Bubble Wrap® and air pillows.

"A growing number of consumers today prefer to do business with companies that not only offer natural products, but also have implemented sustainable business practices. On the flip side, businesses are challenged to find green packaging solutions that not only offer effective product protection, but that are economically feasible. Geami's paper packaging solutions are designed with the needs of businesses, consumers, and the environment as top priorities," said Moe.

Attendees of the Natural Products Expo East are invited to visit booth #2888 between October 14th and October 16th for a hands-on demonstration of the Geami green packaging solutions.

A series of full-color videos that show Geami's biodegradable packaging in action are available to view online at:

About Geami:
Geami produces sustainable packaging materials that are used by shippers of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies and Top 100 Catalogers. The company has been in business for over 15 years offering the most eco-friendly Bubble Wrap® alternative available on the market. Today, businesses ship over 4 million small parcels annually using Geami to protect their products during shipping and handling.

About Natural Products Expo East:
Natural Products Expo East is the largest natural, organic and healthy products trade show on the East Coast, drawing up to 25,000 international industry professionals showcasing the latest trends and new product launches including organic products, natural gourmet, health and beauty, pet products, supplements, and natural living products.

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