World AIDS Day Is Coming Up Learn Your Status

World AIDS day is an important wold wide observance of the fact that we all need to be thinking about HIV and AIDS. With More than 2.6 new cases in 2009 alone there is a lot of work to be done and it's up to every single person to help out, get tested, and spread the word on how important it is to be aware of this potentially deadly virus.

November 30, 2010 (FPRC) -- The World Health Organization declared world AIDS day on December, 1st 1988 to bring awareness to the growing number of infections around the world as well as the stigma and miss information about the condition. Since then wold AIDS day has raised millions of dollars for the cause as well as helped thousands of people living with the virus and thousands that were at risk of contracting it.

This year Your STD Help is urging everyone to get involved in every way possible. One of the biggest problems health professionals face with HIV and AIDS is the fact that it's almost always asymptomatic. Meaning that when you contract HIV you don't show any symptoms for long periods of time yet you still carry and can pass the virus. So this December get tested and remember to bring a friend.

While a lot progress in recent years, such as wold wide AIDS cases are down by up to 20%, over 2.6 million people still contracted the virus in 2009 and 1.8 million people died from it. These numbers do show a positive trend with HIV and AIDS as well as an increased awareness of the deadly virus much more work is needed world wide to assure numbers continue to decrease.

One goal that is in clear sight is to eliminate mother to baby transition by 2014 but is only possible by people working together, getting tested regularly, and regular donations. So this December 1st wear your red ribbon in pride and do all you can in your area to support this important cause.

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