'Light Your Legacy!': An Opportunity to Light the 'Gateway to Hollywood' HOLLYWOOD Sign

The 'Light Your Legacy' fund-raising campaign represents the opportunity for a singular endowing donor to light the 30-foot triangular 'HOLLYWOOD' tower sign at the northern 'Gateway to Hollywood' in the individual's, company's or organization's name in perpetuity, leaving a visible legacy to millions of Hollywood residents, businesses and visitors annually.

December 16, 2010 (FPRC) -- 'Light Your Legacy!' is a one-time, exclusive opportunity for an individual, company, or organization to be named the primary endowment source that will light the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign at the northern 'Gateway to Hollywood' and maintain the 'Gateway to Hollywood' median located at the corner of Cahuenga Blvd., Wilcox Ave. and Franklin Ave. in perpetuity. ( http://LightYourLegacy.com )

Visionary Enterprises, in collaboration with the non-profit Yucca Corridor Coalition of Property Owners and Managers (YCC), is embarking on an end-of-year (2010) campaign seeking a singular primary individual, company or organizational donor whose donation will complete and maintain the landscaping of the northern 'Gateway to Hollywood' including lighting the 30-foot tower 'HOLLYWOOD' sign in perpetuity, in the donor’s name.

The northern 'Gateway to Hollywood,' located at the intersection of Cahuenga Blvd., Wilcox Ave. and Franklin Ave., greets millions of visitors annually as they arrive or leave Hollywood from the north, and as they visit and return from the Hollywood Bowl.

YCC is a 510 (c) 3 and 509 (a) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Hollywood. Donations to the YCC are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, making becoming the endowing donor a perfect opportunity for the right applicant.

According to Merle Singer, YCC President: 'As one of it’s community beautification programs, the YCC, in collaboration with the city of L.A., broke ground for its upgrade of the ‘Gateway to Hollywood’ triangular median in 2002 and erected the 30-foot ‘HOLLYWOOD’ triangular tower sign in March, 2003. Since then, the sign has remained unlit due to budget constraints. We’re extremely glad that Visionary Enterprises has stepped in to assist us in lighting the sign and raising the funds necessary to endow the upgrades to and maintenance of the ‘Gateway to Hollywood’ and the sign in perpetuity.'

Jay Aaron, CVO of Visionary Enterprises, stated: 'Visionary Enterprises is both proud and excited to bring more then 35 years of experience in project creation, development and management to help YCC raise the funds necessary to light the ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign and fulfill their larger commitment to improving Hollywood for those who visit and those who live there. We’ve designed this campaign (at http://LightYourLegacy ) around the ability of an individual, company or organization to leave as part of their legacy a light that will be a beacon to residents and visitors for their own lifetime and beyond.'

To learn more about the 'Gateway to Hollywood' and about how to apply to become the endowing donor who will be credited with lighting the 'HOLLYWOOD' sign and receive the 2010 fiscal year tax benefits, visit http://LightYourLegacy.com

For media inquiries, or to arrange for an interview, please contact Jay Aaron at 310 . 766 . 3404.

For more information contact Jay Aaron of Visionary Enterprises  (http://VisionaryEnterprises.net)
310 . 766 .3404

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