23 New Honeywell Flame Detectors From DtiCorp.com

Honeywell C7204E,F 24 Vdc Flame Detectors are solid-state electronic devices for sensing the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the combustion of most carbon containing fuels such as natural gas, LP gases, and oil.

December 27, 2010 (FPRC) -- Popular Honeywell online retailer DtiCorp.com (http://www.DtiCorp.com) is introducing 23 brand new Honeywell Flame Detectors. The combustion flames of most carbon-based fuels emit sufficient ultraviolet radiation to enable the C7024 Solid State Purple Peeper Ultraviolet Flame Detector to prove flame presence in a combustion chamber. The detector is mounted outside the combustion chamber. Its mounting flange or union is threaded to one end of a sight pipe inserted through the wall of the combustion chamber. The ultraviolet sensing tube in the flame detector sights the flame through the pipe. When a flame is present, the UV tube in the C7024 senses the ultraviolet radiation emitted. The C7024 produces a signal that is sent to the amplifier in the flame safeguard control. The amplified signal pulls in the flame relay in the control to allow proper operation of the system. Because it is necessary for the UV sensing tube to actually see the flame, it is best to locate the detector as close to the flame as physical arrangement, temperature, and other restrictions permit.


- Use with R7824C Dynamic Self-Check Flame Signal Amplifier.
- Circuitry provides low power consumption and high reliability.
- Mount horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between.
- Field-replaceable UV radiation sensing tube and quartz viewing window.
- Quick electrical installation with threaded conduit fitting and color-coded leadwires.
- Reduce nuisance shutdowns by wiring two in parallel.
- Oscillating shutter interrupts UV radiation using the R7824C amplifier.
- C7024E meets NEMA 4 standards with viewing window rated to 20 psi.
- C7024F has an explosion-proof housing for use in hazardous atmospheres with a viewing window rated to 100 psi.


- Ambient Temperature Ratings (outside the case): C7024E,F: -20 F to +175 F (-29 C to +79 C).
- Storage Temperature Ratings: -60 F to +175 F (-51 C to +79 C).
- Housing: Violet, cast aluminum cover; mounting flange with heat block and faceplate are separate to provide heat insulation and sealoff. Meets NEMA 4 enclosure requirements (indoor, outdoor protection; rain-tight, dust-tight, hose-directed water).
- Mounting: Mounting flange with 3/4 inch NPT internal threads for attachment to sight pipe.
- Wiring Connections: NEC Class 1 color-coded lead-wires, 8 feet (2.4 meters) long.
- Serviceability C7024E and F: Field replaceable viewing windows and ultraviolet sensing tube, self-checking coil and shutter assembly.
- Approvals: For use in hazardous locations; Class 1, Groups C and D; Class 2, Groups E, F and G; File no. E34649; Canadian Standards Association Certified.

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