New Hope For 30-Something Single Girls

Just released by author Paul Ward, 'Ring On My Finger' gives new hope to single girls in their 30’s who are still searching for their soulmate. According to a survey by History Matters (City University of New York) only 1 in 5 women at age 40 will ever marry. Almost every woman interviewed said that she would like to be married, but could not find an eligible man. Ward’s book is set to make a huge difference for these girls.

July 7, 2012 (FPRC) -- Author Paul Ward has just released 'Ring On My Finger' – a book dedicated to helping the millions of single girls in their 30’s worldwide who are – in some cases desperately – still seeking the man of their dreams.

History Matters of City University of New York interviewed scores of single women and reports that – almost to a woman – they said 'I would like to be married but I find it impossible to meet eligible men, no matter how hard I try – and nobody can say that I don’t try'.

In the USA alone, there are reported to be 11,822,000 single women and History Matters also states that 'hundreds of thousands of single girls have gone to the big cities in search of work and a husband and found only work'.

What is different about Ward’s book is that he has turned all the traditional advice given to single girls – 'go to bars', 'join clubs', 'walk in the park', 'take exotic holidays' and so on completely on its’ head.

As Ward says, there’s nothing wrong with doing all that – especially if you like walking in the park and going to bars – but rather than keep on searching for him 'wouldn’t it be so much simpler if you could just get the man of your dreams to find YOU'?

In 'Ring On My Finger' ( Ward advises using the Law of Attraction – as outlined in the film 'The Secret' – but with one major difference. He states that 'The Secret', while made with the best of intentions, left out a number of important factors including one which he describes as ‘critical’ and to which he refers as 'The Law Of Attraction 2.0'.

Using the Law Of Attraction 2.0 to its’ fullest extent (which is described as an easy and fun process) Ward claims that it is impossible to fail. As he says to his readers 'the man of your dreams is ‘out there’ - he is already created. It’s simply that you haven’t attracted him to you yet. But if you will follow the instructions to the letter you will attract him and he WILL find you'.

Ward accepts that there are, of course, single girls in their 30’s who are happy with their lot and have no wish to marry. However, the vast majority do want to marry and settle down and, in many cases, have children, but realise that their biological clock is ticking.

'Ring On My Finger' ( has been written with the express purpose of ensuring that every single one of its’ readers can achieve that goal and live a life of bliss and harmony with her ideal man.

Ring On My Finger
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