Local Dog Training Facility Opens in New York

Dog Training Facility located in Mineola, New York, offers customers in-home customized training, group training classes, as well as one-on-one training with a certified dog trainer. A free puppy class is available to anyone who contacts them from August 15th to July 15th, 2012.

August 15, 2012 (FPRC) -- Michael’s Pack, located at 220 East Jericho Turnpike in Mineola, has opened a brand new training facility adjacent to Central Veterinary Associates. They offer in-home customized training, group training classes, and private one-on-one training with a certified dog trainer at their center. They also offer agility classes and puppy playtime at the center.

“Dog training is a critical component of being a dog owner,” said Michael Schaier, the owner at Michael’s Pack. “There are many instances in which dog owners are frustrated with the lack of progress in housebreaking or obedience, and these are issues which we can solve through our various training options. We want to help the residents of Long Island before it reaches the critical point of giving up their puppy or dog when the behavior is correctable.”

“We are extremely confident in our dog training methods,” Mr. Schaier continued. “If you call us in the month of August, we will give you a free puppy class just to show you how quickly your dog can learn puppy manners. We use positive reinforcement techniques that will help you understand and communicate with your dog much more efficiently that ever before.”

About Michael’s Pack: Michael Schaier is a certified dog trainer. Having trained and shown dogs his whole life, he is now putting his knowledge, experience, and passion to work. During your sessions, he will provide helpful information on various topics such as nutrition, behavior issues, and dog thoughts. Most importantly, all training is based on positive reinforcement coupled with an holistic method, making it as easy and rewarding as possible for you, the owner, to bond and create that magical connection that occurs when you and your best friend are synced in as one. They offer group/private classes throughout the 5 boroughs. Visit their website at http://www.Michaels-Pack.com, or call them for more information at 516-DOG-PACK.

For more information contact Michael Schaier of Michaels Pack  (http://www.Michaels-pack.com)

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