Responds to ICF Global Coaching Study on Coaching Opportunities

Coaching experts at comment on a recent International Coach Federation (ICF) study, which revealed numerous opportunities for those who want to become coaches. Opportunities include everything from high salaries to an attractive Return on Investment (ROI) for clients.

August 20, 2012 (FPRC) -- Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada – Executives at weigh in on a recent International Coach Federation (ICF) study. The ICF Global Coaching Study unveiled numerous opportunities for coaches in the coming months.

More than 12,000 coaches from over 100 countries participated in the study, which revealed increased awareness of the benefits of coaching and an attractive Return on Investment (ROI) for clients. The ICF study also showed that the average yearly salary for a coaching professional is $47,900 and that in addition to coaching, professionals in the field typically offer more services than just coaching. According to the study, consulting and training were offered by more than half of professional coaches.

Representatives from agree with ICF officials on the study, saying that these opportunities are opening up doors for coaches like never before. In addition, Public Relations Manager Anda Tudor says their new site expands this list even more by opening up new doors within the industry.

'These increased opportunities for coaches mean a lot,' Tudor says. 'Awareness is really the key to this study. As more and more people become aware of how much coaching can do for them, doors are opening for coaches. Now that is up and running, coaches have another door of opportunity open to them. They can now connect with clients they otherwise would not have an opportunity to meet.' is the first network that connects coaches and clients through an open forum. Coaches simply set up a profile of themselves and their business. They create various coaching packages, which include prices and details on their coaching style and their beliefs on what makes for effective coaching. Clients who are interested in connecting with a coach can browse through the coaches, study their coaching styles and request a free discovery session with the coach of their choice. Clients can also post general coaching requests, which coaches can respond to via the open network.

'Now that our site is up and running, the opportunities that are available to coaches are simply endless,' Tudor says. 'Coaches have an opportunity to connect with clients from all over the world, thanks to The addition of our site, paired with the results of the ICF study, proves that this is truly an excellent time to be a coach or to get in on the industry.'

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