ISSC-Kanson Electronics announces its eco-friendly finishing system

Powder coating is improving company’s products and reducing environmental impact

(Hohenwald, Tn.) October 15, 2012 — ISSC-Kanson Electronics, Inc. is announcing that it has expanded its powder coating system, bringing all finishing in house and committing to environmentally friendly coating processes for its steel-enclosed relays.

Until this month, some of ISSC-Kanson’s durable steel enclosures were sent out to third-party finishers, where they were coated with “zinc yellow.” This finishing process, still widely used in some industries and on everything from hitch pins to nuts and bolts, produces hexavalent chromium as a byproduct. A human carcinogen, hexavalent chromium has been linked to cancer, skin irritation and ulcers — associations most famously represented in the movie Erin Brockovich.

ISSC-Kanson is pleased to announce it is committed to reducing its environmental impact, ISSC-Kanson invested in a complete powder coating system, widely regarded as one of the greenest finishing processes available. By bringing its finishing entirely in house, the company has also been able to speed up its production and increase its control over its finishing, which now makes exclusive use of high-quality Sherwin Williams coatings.

“We take tremendous pride in our finished products,” says ISSC-Kanson President Allen Filson, “and we want to do our part to minimize the amount of hexavalent chromium that is produced and disposed of in this country. Powder coating allows us to provide a more durable finish while doing the right thing. It enhances the longevity of both our products and our environment.”

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About Kanson Electronics, Inc.

ISSC-Kanson Electronics, Inc. develops innovative solutions for contract assembly problems in the power generation, mining and oil/gas exploration industries. Kanson also manufactures the complete line of ISSC timers, motion detectors and proximity sensors for many equipment manufacturers and industries throughout the world. A globally recognized supplier for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 200s, Kanson’s ISSC timers and sensors have been manufactured in the United States since 1963, while Kanson Electronics has been in operation and woman-owned since 1979. Based in Hohenwald, Tn., Kanson also manufactures a complete line of products under its Modor Technical Products division, which is dedicated to producing the highest quality thermoplastics and thermosets.

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