Calls to axe page 3 pictures in a bid to cut domestic violence

International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone has announced that she is to sign a petition to ban topless images in newspapers, known as ‘Page 3’ in a bid to tackle domestic violence

Cheshire, UK ( FPRC ) October 31, 2012 - International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone has announced that she is to sign a petition to ban topless images in newspapers, known as 'Page 3' in a bid to tackle domestic violence.

The Sun newspaper regularly features topless models on Page 3 of its daily paper, and has done since the early 1970s.

Mrs. Featherstone believes that these images have a 'deleterious effect' on women.

Prime Minister David Cameron appointed Mrs. Featherstone as Ministerial Champion to tackle violence against woman on a global scale.

A petition set up by Lucy Holmes entitled 'Take the bare boobs out of The Sun' has over 44,000 signatures to date.

Tina Royles is the UK's leading expert in domestic violence with over 20 years' experience on the frontline and on a strategic level. She provides domestic violence counselling and consultancy to individuals and organisations. She says:

"Page 3 models do not cause domestic violence! There is an interesting debate going on at the moment around page 3 models. Yes, they may portray women in a more sexual way. But do they cause domestic violence? In my opinion I don't believe they do.

"For years women have been portrayed in a sexual way. Take 007 Bond movies with the likes of Bo Derek & Ursula Andress emerging from the sea in scantily clad swimwear, this still happens in recent times with Halle Berry portrayed in the same way. Women have been used as models to sell merchandise for years - the question is whether they have been willing participants? If they are not then that is different, as they need to have a choice.

"Let's look at it from a different angle; Domestic Violence where men are the victims - the stats say 1 in 6 are affected. Does David Beckham's picture displayed on a billboard wearing skimpy underwear cause domestic violence from women onto men? Does a reality show with Peter Andre with his shirt off exposing his six pack abs cause an increase in domestic violence where men are victims?

"If someone is forced to portray themselves in a sexual way not out of choice then okay, there needs to be a way they can come forward in a safe way and find their voice - but let's also look at the fact that some women are overt in a sexual way through their own choice. How good does it feel when as a woman you are a size 10 or in todays sizes a size 6, feeling confident, wearing amazing clothes and feeling good - our confidence is sky high at that point.

" Domestic Violence isn't caused by a person being portrayed in a sexual way - it is about one persons abuse of power and control over another - those people regardless of gender need help working through their own issues of jealousy, vulnerability, poor communication and anger, and inability of dealing with their own emotions - of which there is plenty of help out there to do this, rather than us all looking for excuses as to why Domestic Violence happens. It does so let's deal with it. Let's deal with the abuse of power and control of one over another and quit trying to label it in any other way!"

Notes to Editors

Tina Royles is one of the UK's most qualified and experienced domestic violence experts providing consultancy and advice to those who have suffered domestic violence, are currently in violent relationships or to friends and family of those affected. Tina provides the domestic violence information, materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education and is regularly called upon by the national and local press to provide expert comments on high profile cases. To find out more about what domestic violence is, click here. Visit Tina Royles website to find out more about domestic violence and the resource available to individuals and organisations.


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