New Jersey based "Solar and More Store" now offers integrated Solar and Generator based solutions for residential power backup

The integration of solar battery backup systems with traditional standby generators gets renewed attention in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and one New Jersey solar energy company offers a state of the art power backup solution for residential customers.

November 11, 2012 (FPRC) -- Solar and More Store, a New Jersey based Solar installer and green energy company, announces the availability of new integrated solar and traditional electrical backup systems for New Jersey based homeowners.

Responding to the devastation left in the wake of hurricane Sandy and the ensuing gasoline crisis, Solar and More Store has extended its line of backup power systems for the home to include systems designed to work seamlessly from Natural Gas, Propane, or Solar Panels as well as combinations of each. These comprehensive systems represent the state of the art in residential power backup for solar customers, leveraging the strengths of both solar and traditional standby generators to create the most reliable and cost effective backup power solutions available today.

For homeowners with solar panel systems already installed, solar power backup represents many advantages over traditional gas powered generator systems. Advances in battery technology allow these systems to cost effectively charge an array of batteries which can power an entire home, and continuously recharge themselves whenever the sun comes up. These systems require no fuels to operate other than sun, switch seamlessly into operation during a power outage, and are completely silent.

Tom Ferraro, President of Solar and More Stores, says the key to effective solar backup is sizing your system properly. "The size of your backup battery is dependent on how long you need to sustain usage without recharging, and a host of other factors specific to your solar installation such as system output, typical sunshine profile for your home, and expected continuous amp-load during power outage."

For homes that don’t have solar or require both a solar solution and a traditional one, Solar and More Store offers installation of sophisticated backup power generators known as Standby Generators. Unlike the portable versions typically used by homeowners, these systems are permanently installed outside the home and typically run from Natural Gas or Propane. They have permanent integration into the home’s electrical panel through a transfer switch and provide higher power levels, more reliably than portable systems. Solar And More has pioneered the use of both solar and standby generators together providing the most robust overall backup solution possible for residential applications.

Tom Ferraro is the owner of the SOLAR & MORE Store, a retail showroom located at 598 Rt. 23 in Pompton Plains, NJ. SOLAR & MORE sells and installs Solar, Geothermal and other renewable energy systems as well as energy efficiency products and backup systems. They may be viewed on the web at .

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