Crown & Caliber Adds a New Watchmaker to Team of Horology Experts

Crown & Caliber, the leading purchaser of luxury watches, has hired another experienced watch maker to add to its team of horological experts.

April 10, 2013 (FPRC) -- Crown & Caliber, the leading purchaser of luxury watches, has recently added to its rapidly expanding team by brining on an experienced watchmaker to its existing staff of horological experts. The addition of this skilled watchmaker will allow Crown & Caliber to keep up with the increase in business and to continue providing quotes that are accurate and precise.

Bryan Traylor, the newest watchmaker at Crown & Caliber further adds to the knowledge, expertise, and experience of the already talented team. Mr. Traylor is passionate about all things mechanical and working on beautifully crafted and constructed watches everyday fits perfectly into this passion. Graduating from watchmaker school in 1995, he has been in the industry nearly 20 years. He has also participated in training courses with various luxury watch brands and has extensive experience working with Rolex watches as well as most other Swiss watch brands.

Mr. Traylor has received many certifications throughout his extensive career, including certification from the Swatch Group for the co-axial escapement. One of Traylorís favorite movements to work on is the El Primero movement, which he considers to be one of the most innovative movement out there. Since working at Crown & Caliber, Traylor has been amazed by the high quality of watches on which he has the privilege to work. Crown & Caliber receives incredible watches everyday, including Audemars Piguet watches and vintage Patek Philippe watches. Traylor has enjoyed the opportunities to work on watches such as these, opportunities that many other watch makers do not get to enjoy.

About Crown & Caliber
Crown & Caliber has established itself as the leading purchaser of luxury watches. The horological experts at Crown & Caliber conduct thorough research on each individual watch to provide the customer with a fair and accurate quote. Customers can submit a free quote on the Crown & Caliber website and will receive a quote for their watch within three days of submission. Upon acceptance of this quote, Crown & Caliber will provide the customer with pre-paid and pre-insured shipping materials for the watch. Once the watch has been received at the Crown & Caliber facilities, a watchmaker will value and authenticate the watch. The customer will then be extended a final offer. Once this offer is accepted, payment will be processed the next business day. Crown & Caliber is the only exclusive online purchaser of luxury watches. The process is unique and provides customers with a secure and easy way to sell their watch. To learn more about Crown & Caliber, visit

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