New Website looks at Domestic Violence

A new website and blog called “See the Triumph,” aims to offer help and support for those who are suffering within abusive relationships and domestic violence situations.

Alpraham, Cheshire ( FPRC ) May 4, 2013 - A new website and blog called "See the Triumph," aims to offer help and support for those who are suffering within abusive relationships and domestic violence situations.

Christine Murray launched the website, she is a counseling and educational development associate professor, and has launched the site with Allison Crowe, assistant professor of counselor education at East Carolina University.

Survivors are able to share their stories and uplifting domestic violence messages through the site.

Tina Royles is the UK's leading domestic violence expert with over 20 years' experience on the frontline and on a strategic level. She provides domestic violence counselling and consultancy to individuals and organisations. She says:

"There are a great number of websites that look at the issues surrounding domestic violence, and many of them include 'survivors' stories with an overall aim to provide hope, support and encouragement for other 'victims' who have left an abusive relationships or for those still living within such a relationship.

"This website looks to be another great addition; as for me any means of raising the awareness of domestic violence and its impact is important, especially by way of highlighting that there are a great number who are able to move forward and make a positive difference in their lives.

"It is equally important however to balance with it the fact that there are still a great percentage of 'victims' that are unable to find the strength to leave, or if they do that life can often be extremely hard and difficult for them to move forward without appropriate support, and/or professional counselling, and for some it is this difficulty that leads them to return back to their abuser. Words of encouragement and positivity are great but these need to work hand in hand with a 'safety net' of information and key resources for those not yet able to move forward."

Notes to Editors

Tina Royles is one of the UK's most qualified and experienced domestic violence experts providing consultancy and advice to those who have suffered domestic violence, are currently in violent relationships or to friends and family of those affected. Tina provides the domestic violence information, materials and tools to manage relationship difficulties and domestic violence through awareness and education and is regularly called upon by the national and local press to provide expert comments on high profile cases. To find out more about what domestic violence is, click here. Visit Tina Royles website to find out more about domestic violence and the resource available to individuals and organisations.


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