greeNEWit Now Offering Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Energy Audits

Local energy efficiency company greeNEWit recently announced that it will be offering Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Energy Audits. These audits will allow homeowners to see how energy is being used in their homes, and receive recommendations for tax-deductible upgrades that will improve their home's energy use and save money.

June 27, 2013 (FPRC) -- greeNEWit, a local sustainability company, announced this week that it is now offering Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® energy audits to customers who want to increase energy efficiency, improve indoor comfort and save money on utility bills.

greeNEWit is an area leader in the single family and multi-family Quick Home Energy Check-up Program brought to you by Pepco and BGE that allows for the install of energy efficient products in the home. As customers who are already paying into the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency fund by virtue of utility bill assessments, owners and tenants bear no additional cost for the energy conservation measures included in the Quick Home Energy Check-up.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Energy Audits are a more comprehensive service that offers a whole-house approach to reducing energy consumption and achieving cost savings. In these hot summer months, cooling, energy-efficient windows and insulation are important factors in keeping households safe and comfortable. A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Energy Audit can help homeowners better understand how their house works as a system and see areas where they can improve their homes’ safety and energy efficiency, that can lead to energy bill cost savings upward of 20% for implemented improvements. Customers are eligible for additional rebates and tax credits if they complete the energy efficiency improvements recommended by their auditor.

“The Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act of 2008 makes energy audits more accessible and attractive to homeowners,” greeNEWit Director of Residential Energy Solutions Julie Roby said. “For only $100, homeowners can make more informed decisions about retrofit work that will result in significant cost savings and improved comfort. As an all-in-one energy management partner, we guide homeowners through every step along the way for a low-cost, low-stress but high-impact experience.”

To sign up today go to: For more information on how you can “greeNEWit”, call the office at 866.994.7639 to speak to an energy expert today.

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