SIPCO Announces Significant Software Protocol Upgrade

SIPCO, LLC has announced that the next version of its industry-leading software protocol, SOS ip, will be released in Q1, 2014.

July 2, 2013 (FPRC) -- SIPCO, LLC has announced that the next version of its industry-leading software protocol, SOS ip™, will be released in Q1, 2014.

SOS ip, the next generation of SIPCO's industry leading SOS-OEA™ protocol, will be available to all of SIPCO’s existing, and new license holders, and represents the next evolution of the company’s patented, field-proven and highly scalable wireless MESH networking protocol. The software provides enhanced systems and methods for wireless network communications between a plurality of remote devices and a site controller. Each network and the site controller communicate using a communications protocol adapted to allow remote devices and the site controller to independently control the communication path for transmissions sent by each device. The new version, expected to be available in the first quarter of 2014, will ensure greater operability for IEEE 802.15.4TM Standard layer workflow.

In March 2012 SIPCO announced that GE, acting through its licensing operation, and MPEG LA, LLC, through its wholly owned subsidiary Tagivan II, acquired a minority ownership position in SIPCO and IntusIQ.

T. David Petite, one of company’s founders, and who recently assumed the position of CEO for SIPCO, said, “We are all very proud and excited about the next version of our protocol, which will provide greater performance for remote monitoring platforms and provide vastly improved battery life for the millions of devices in which it is currently deployed.” Petite added, “our current market position, and the relationship with GE and MPEG LA, means that we are in a position to continue to support this industry-leading product robustly, and this new upgrade is an example of the investment in research and development being made in the product.”

The patented technology embodied in SIPCO’s SOS ip protocol plays a key role in network infrastructures for wireless sensor network applications, providing increased efficiency and discreet data handling in the Medium Access Control (MAC) Layer responsible for assembling and decomposing data packets and frames.

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