New FDA Approved Collapsible Measuring Cups Announced By SmitCo LLC

Time Saving New Kitchen Essentials: 100% Food Grade Silicone, Collapsible and Nesting Measuring Cups Will Hit The Market This Week

Are you tired of broken handles, melted pieces and not finding all your measuring cups when cooking or baking? The launch of a new measuring cups set has been announced by SmitCo LLC. These are collapsible measuring cups that are a must in every kitchen and household, particularly if there is limited space. The products are liquid cups as well as dry measuring cups. They are suitable for saving time when cooking and saving space when storing.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, a spokesperson for the company explained, "These collapsible measure cups offer most of the features that are preferred in handy kitchen essentials. Because they are suitable as dry measuring cups or to measure out liquid measurements, they are a time saver.

Cleaning up after use is as simple as popping them in the dishwasher and it won't melt since it can withstand heat of up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also be placed in the microwave for quickly melting ingredients when cooking or baking.

If you are tired of low-quality measuring tools, this set should help you out. It is also perfect for a household with limited storage space since it not only collapses but it is also a nesting set for small, convenient storage.

With four cups in standard sizes, the cups are also marked in metric notations. The brightly colored items are 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup 1/2 cup and 1 cup. There is room between the top marking and the top of the cup that spills are a thing of the past.

The product is made of 100% food grade silicone and is also stain and odor resistant which is another plus for this new set of measuring cups.

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