MEI is Revamping Its Website

MEIís website now includes the 2013-2014 Product Catalog along with many informational updates

December 3, 2013 (FPRC) -- Mankato, Minn., -- MEI is introducing new product information through its updated website. MEI is the total elevator solutions company located in Mankato with additional site locations located across the United States. MEI specializes in custom elevator design and servicing all types of elevators.

For our customers, the updated information is useful within all elevator service needs. This allows customers and potential customers a way to view products from the 2013-2014 product catalog from page to page with the click of a button. Categories can easily be navigated through and the viewing of products is readily available. The changes to MEIís website are immediate to keep information current and changes up-to-date.

MEI provides complete elevator packages. A variety of passenger, freight and service applications are built and shipped to locations within both the public and private sectors. MEI provides expert engineering, quality equipment and excellent customer service.

About MEI
Founded in 1971, MEI specializes in manufacturing, installation, maintenance, modernization and elevator service. Equipment manufactured by MEI is found in nearly every U.S. state as well as several foreign countries. In addition, MEI installs, modernizes and services equipment within the Midwest. Elevators are a major investment and installation of a new one is expensive. MEI works to modernize existing elevators as well as the manufacture of new ones. Many times existing elevators can be overhauled to be faster, more comfortable, more efficient, and safer and given a facelift to improve the aesthetic appeal. MEI installs approximately 100 cars per year within the five-state area. Receiving direct feedback from the mechanics working with the equipment, allows MEI continually fine-tune designs for easier installation. MEI engineers also visit various jobsites for valuable hands-on experience. Expertise in these areas results in dependable, practical equipment and smooth installation.
MEI is licensed, insured and bonded elevator contractor and a member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors. Our equipment meets the requirements of the ASME A17.1 code / CSA B44.

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