Social Media Expert Warns That Branding Backfires Online in New Book

Buildatribe LLC. company president, social media expert and keynote speaker Mason Duchatschek tells how marketing intended to improve name recognition and brand awareness online can backfire and instead generate orders for competitors in his newest book “Attract, Capture & Convert: 89 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Make Money Online (& Offline) Using Social Media & Web Marketing Strategy.”

January 23, 2014 (FPRC) -- Mason Duchatschek, keynote speaker and social media expert of the company “Buildatribe LLC.,” warns that advertising intended to create brand awareness and name recognition can backfire and generate online sales for competitive rivals instead. In his new book, “Attract, Capture & Convert: 89 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Make Money Online (& Offline) Using Social Media & Web Marketing Strategy,” Duchatschek describes how this happens to big advertisers and how entrepreneurs can generate leads online without paying for them.

In the book, Duchatschek presents an Internet marketing strategy created for small business owners wanting to increase online sales using the branding and name recognition of their biggest rivals’ products and services. “The bigger a rivals’ investments in traditional advertising for branding and name recognition purposes, the easier it gets for small, web savvy business owners to divert the leads that come from it on the Internet,” Duchatschek said.

Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ make it possible for small businesses to use social media for business and showcase their goods and services in search engines, even if their advertising budget is small or non-existent. Entrepreneurs don’t even need to have a website. “Because so many buyers use their mobile devices to check things out online before they make a purchase, entrepreneurs who understand how to position their products or services next to the brands potential buyers are looking for often get the leads their rivals paid to acquire,” he said. “Sales reps pushing traditional media advertising don’t want to admit it, but it’s the truth.”

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