Announcement: WebGrid Web Applications Website Has Officially Launched has officially launched their website. Their website consists of web applications that do not have to be installed on a personal computer.

Oslo, Norway, Feb 2, 2014 –, owned by WebGrid Software, has recently launched their website. This is a privately founded company, located in Oslo, Norway. They have been creating and selling cutting edge web applications software since the beginning of 2013.

WebGrid is a set of web applications that customers are able to sign up for and access straight from WebGrid’s website. There is no sign up fee and the customer is only required to pay for what they use at WebGrid. They offer a 14-day free trial and after that free trial, if the individual no longer wishes to use the service, they can cancel, without owing a dime. The website offers maximum flexibility that allows the customer to start and stop their program during any time, with no questions asked.

WebGrid has one mission in mind. That mission is to make web applications easier and more enjoyable for their customers around the world.

Their applications are for:

• Project Management

• Collaboration

• Point of Sale

• eCommerce

• Invoice

• Accounting (fits companies of all sizes)

Getting started is easy. Since it is web based software, there is no reason to install anything and it will work on every computer, regardless of the operating system. Potential customers can click on "Try WebGrid for free, and fill out the basic information to set up their account. Upon signing up, the customer can start using the services right away. They offer a single sign on across all web applications, utilizing the same email address or username and password.

WebGrid understands that protection is a major concern to consumers on the Internet. The company protects their customers business data and privacy. They encrypt the passwords and use API tokens for 3rd-party access. They do not store any credit card information on their system – the transactions are securely passed to the credit card companies.

About WebGrid offers affordable web applications that are available to customers throughout the world. They recently launched their website and have already gained satisfied customers.

Company Contact : Olav Botterli
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Company Phone : +4792461180

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