New Implementation of Real-Time Statistical Process Control Solution For Semiconductor Industry By IDimension

IDimension has just successfully implemented a statistical process control software solution for semiconductor industry for solder paste monitoring in the printed circuit board process for a global contract manufacturer here in Penang, Malaysia. The solution is expected to realize the cost saving and implementation of higher automated monitoring technology for the industry.

March 7, 2014 (FPRC) -- A new implementation of real-time statistical process control solution has been successfully completed for a multinational contract manufacturer here in the Free Trade Industrial Zone of Penang, Malaysia. The project is completed by IDimension, a leading manufacturing systems provider, within the period of 6 months from requirements study to final user acceptance test. This solution is expected to improve the automation level for the automated process monitoring for semiconductor industry and achieve better cost saving in overall operation.

Steven Chai, the project leader of the project from IDimension, has commented that, "The project is implemented by using WinSPC real-time statistical process control software from Datanet as the core engine for monitoring the process data of solder paste printing on circuit board. The real-time data acquisition manage to eliminated human intervention from data entry up to the automatic stoppage of the machine once non conformance is occurred."
IDimension has deployed 2 consultants to study the process by acquiring the data direct from the output of Koh Young solder paste measuring machine. The data is then processed by WinSPC software to plot into control chart for conformance checking. Alert system will be triggered once non conformance is found and the system will notify the operation crew for further action. The machine will be stopped to prevent further production of non conformance items.

Steven said,"This project is first of it kind that has been implemented by the company for the solder paste monitoring process. I attributed the successful implementation of the project to the close working relation between the consultants and the system users, that the communication from both parties is very well achieved."

IDimension is one of the leading solution provider for Asia Pacific region and specialized in manufacturing and agriculture systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacutring Execution System (MES), Equipment Automation, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

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Keywords: real-time statictical process control, solder paste height and volume monitoring, SPC

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