Bio-Synthesis Announces New Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Andrei Laikhter joins management team at Bio-Synthesis, Inc.

March 20, 2014 (FPRC) -- Bio-Synthesis is pleased to introduce Andrei Laikhter as its new Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Laikhter received his PhD in 1987 from Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences. He worked at University of Delaware in 1993 and University of Virginia 1994-1996. From 1999-2008, he worked at Integrated DNA Technology Inc, starting as a Senior Scientist and working up to the Vice-President of Chemistry Research. Dr. Laikhter has spent the last 6 years as the Chief Scientific Officer at Chemgenes Corporation. He comes to Bio-Synthesis with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in chemistry, specifically in nucleic acid chemistry and molecular biology.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Laikhter on board,” Miguel Castro, President and Founder of Bio-Synthesis, Inc. said. “His vast expertise in nucleic acid chemistry will help our specialty custom synthesis division provide fairly unique products for a wide range of Molecular Biology applications. These products range from siRNA research to Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC’s) and many other highly complex oligomers containing multifluorescent labels, capping, triphosphorylation, and others for a variety of new applications. As always, our aim is to help our customers accomplish their research goals using the best methods and technical advice.”

As a pioneer in oligonucleotide synthesis, Bio-Synthesis Inc. has been pursuing the development of new oligonucleotide based technologies that can provide compounds with superior binding affinity and chemical/biological stability. As such, Bio-Synthesis Inc. has introduced its third generation Bridged Nucleic Acids (BNA). These RNA analogues can be synthesized and spiked with DNA or RNA in order to modify the formation of nucleic acid helices. BNA is a six member bridged structure with a unique N-O bond in the sugar moiety. This moiety was designed to improve duplex and triplex stability by lowering the repulsion between negatively charged phosphate backbones.

These nucleic acid analogs can be easily incorporated into natural oligonucleotide strands. They provide flexibility in designing BNA/DNA and BNA/RNA hybrid oligos to satisfy the need for very high and sequence-specific hybridization with natural nucleic acids. Additionally, they possess a strong nuclease-resistant property. While first generation BNA (also known as LNA) is still used in various applications, Bio-Synthesis Inc. now offers third generation, six member bridged 2', 4' BNANC which has shown to possess superior properties to the earlier generation of locked nucleic acids and peptide nucleic acid.

About Bio-Synthesis, Inc.
Bio-Synthesis is a manufacturer of custom peptide synthesis, antibodies, bioconjugates, DNA, RNA, BNA, organic synthesis, gene synthesis, cloning, detection kits, cell line authentication, and a diverse number of bimolecular products for the biomedical/life science community worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience producing custom products for both research and pharmaceutical use, BSI has developed a reputation for both small and large scale synthesis using optimal processes that meet your specifications. We are a U.S. based company, therefore all of our products are exclusively manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities in Lewisville, Texas.

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