TitanParacord.com Announces Their Latest MIL-C-5040H Paracord Products

Titan Paracord's new line of Paracord is just what the doctor prescribed

Titan Paracord is a worldwide provider of 550 paracord, used for Tactical programs requiring strength, lastingness, and safety. Also known as 550 Cord, Parachute Cord, or Survival Cord, it is made from 100% Nylon, measures 5/32' in diameter, and contains 21 individual strands, braided into seven seriously-strong 3-strand yarns. Our Paracord is the ultimate utility cord, as it is light and durable, quick drying, UV immune, as well as rot and mildew immune. It Is also the favourite paracord merchandise for Veterans and Soldiers around the world.

Titan is rated the best 550 paracord for demanding uses for example:

-- Bivouacking, Hiking, Boating, Rock Climbing, etc.
-- Emergency Kits, Bug-Out Bags, Backpacks
-- Survival Bracelets, Lanyards, Necklaces
-- A Myriad of Household Uses

Linda Kain, a valued client of Titan Paracord, explains "I ordered 2 of these at a time, one for my camper and one for my crisis kit....this is real MIL C 5040H military paracord, created in the USA...really smooth, exceptionally strong, and has the necessary maker mark interior... I highly advocate it!"

Steve Williams says "It is really hard-to-find real genuine paracord, but this can be undoubtedly MIL-C. I pretty much take a hank of Titan with me everywhere I go now, just in case.

It Is the 1 Item You Do Not Desire to Be Found Without in a Crisis Scenario!

Titan Paracord is now accessible through Amazon.com, the #1 online retail store on the planet! You'll be able to locate it TitanParacord.com, while supplies last. We confidently back our goods with a 100% fulfillment, 5 year, no hassle, money-rear guarantee. Strive Titan(TMark) Paracord today and you'll never buy another trade name again. Guaranteed !

For more information contact David McIntyre of Titan Paraccord  (http://www.amazon.com/Titan-trade-Authentic-Military-Paracord/dp/B00EPLFB9K/m=AZMCGYN6Y45YF&keywords=paracord)

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