Castlegem in New York Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

As of April, Castlegem have now completed their first round of New York expansion.

Our New York point of presence now offers unparalleled latency to major financial centres, thanks to superior carrier feeds from Atlantic Metro: directly linking into the financial centre of Chicago; Cogent: allowing us to take advantage from the fact that many financial institutions in New York
and over the globe use Cogent as well; and Init7: giving us latencies to the EU consistently beating others by 5-10% and more.

In addition to these feeds, Staminus is now providing us with their state of the art DDOS mitigation services, and our clients can now opt to have their virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated server equipped with IP space that is scrubbed by Staminus first before being passed on. Available
protection ranges from single gbps to multiples of 10gbps.

Last, but not least, we have also streamlined our entire product line in the E3 range v3 is now the default, and we no longer offer v1 or v2 for our dedicated server ranges. The same for our dual CPU setups: E5-26xx v2 has already been the default for a while now at no extra cost to our
clients. Our New York trader setups have been upgraded as well: Clients now get 2GB of memory instead of 1.5GB, an upgrade that also came free of charge for our esteemed clientele!

Join us and embark with us on this exciting journey watch out for special offers and promotions, there will be many of them in spring 2014, so keep checking in to our facebook page at to stay up to date and get your share of specials offers to come!

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