Thrash Roaming Fees with Innovative Sim Card Worldwide

Innovation in Technology, No Roaming Fee while Traveling abroad

June 14, 2014 (FPRC) -- While travelling abroad with mobile has always been an alarm to talk less and to avoid from long communication over the fone to avoid from roaming charges. Shaston SA, A Swiss based company has introduced an innovative Pre-paid GSM card XXSIM to thrash the roaming charges and have magically removed the fear of huge bills by introducing innovation in technology while back from honeymoon, business trip. Co-operate companies also getting benefits for their employees working abroad and they are just facing the 85% lower the monthly bill. A significant job has been done to have the advantage to avoid from roaming fees and to call worldwide.

XXSIM is an international prepaid SIM card sold online only and that can be used by companies, associations, public offices, and organizations as well as individuals going often or occasionally abroad. It offers roaming coverage in more than 190 countries while considerably reducing roaming fees.

XXSIM does not only allow to receive free incoming calls in more than 140 countries while benefiting from an unlimited number of free texts, but XXSIM also allows to surf the web at much lower rates than those applicable in numerous states.

Efficient and seemingly user-friendly, XXSIM even allows users, under certain conditions, to be called for free by the national landline number available in Switzerland (amongst other countries) as well as by the green number in 17 countries, “web call” function available and finally by the skype calls.

As a user travels back to their own country, forwarding calls from the XXSIM to a national mobile is entirely free from charge and saves you from using a duel SIM phone.
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