N.B. Store Announces Brand New Rare Earth Magnets For Sale On Amazon.

N.B Store got their magnets manufactured in China. Their qualified professional staff specializes in producing magnets, and they pay attention to high quality to ensure satisfaction. Their goods are supplied to clients which include GM, BMW, BENTLEY, SIEMENS and REGAL BELOIT in European, North and South America and Asia-Pacific markets.

Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets that are extensively made use of for numerous applications. N.B Store is happy to announce the launch of powerful, industrial magnets that can be discovered on Amazon.com. These neodymium magnets are the strongest on the market, and they are more powerful than N50, N48, or anything below.

N.B Store's magnets are 0.25" x. 0625" and they serve a variety of functions. They are grade N52, covered in Nickel for the greatest quality possible, and they can be found in a disk shape. They are axially allured. The magnets are rare-earth which means that they are permanent.

The pull force is 1.47 pounds when connected to a steel plate, 4.42 pounds when put between two steel plates and 1.47 pounds when connected to another magnet.

The magnets are carefully crafted in such a method that provides the greatest magnetic power possible. They can be made use of in commercial fields, consisting of motors, magnetic resonance imaging, sensing units and loudspeakers, magnetic motors, vehicle instruments, medical equipment, wind-power generation, aerospace and military industries simply to name a few.

Because these magnets are exceptionally little it is essential to keep them far from youngsters. If they are ingested please look for medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Kindly also keep away from any magnetic media such as computer disks and credit cards to prevent damage.

Some means to prevent damage to the magnet or the loss of its magnetic force is by not dropping them or striking them with something. Severe temperature fluctuation can also harm these magnets along with proximity to electromagnetic fields.

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For more information contact Clarence Jaymes of N.B Store  (http://www.amazon.com/Rare-Earth-Powerful-Neodymium-Magnets/dp/B00IZDJ5H8/ie=UTF8?m=A2E2DPRPFNDN0&keywords=n52+magnets)

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