VE South Introduces Nu-Health Fruit – A Delicious & Healthy Alternative to High-Fructose Snacks

Florida VE South is Florida’s largest full line vending distributor that offers customers a complete line of vending products and services, including the new Nu-Health Fruit snacks.

August 18, 2014 (FPRC) --

In recent years, public awareness regarding high-fructose snacks has grown. Consumers now take extreme caution when purchasing food and snacks, especially for their children, to make sure that they do not contain high amounts of fructose as this can lead to major health complications including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, to name a few. For this reason, VE South is expanding their line of products to include Nu-Health Fruit, a snack that is low in fructose, low in calories, and is 100% natural.
Nu-Health Fruit snacks are also a healthy option because they contain no preservatives and no chemicals. In addition, despite their elongated shelf life of 18 months, Nu-Health Fruit product continue to taste fresh because only grade “A” fruits are used and no sugar is been added to them. Additionally, Nu-Health Fruit come with a spork in the lid and are resealable for use after being opened.
Currently Nu-Health Fruit snacks come in 6 tasty fruit flavor combinations:
- Peaches;
- Peach, Pineapple and Pear;
- Mandarin Oranges;
- Pineapple;
- Pineapple, Mandarin and Apple; and
- Mango, Pineapple and Apple
According to Joe Gilbert, GM and Vice President of VE South, “These products meet all the FDA requirements, and are perfect for all types of vending machines, Mini-Marts and Grab and Go facilities. We are proud to carry this line and sell it to our vending partners who make it available to their customers, employees, family, and friends.” Because Nu-Fruit snacks remain fresh for up to 18 months they are particularly suited for vending machine use. Moreover, each product comes in a see-thru can which indicates to customers if the fruit is still fresh or not, whether it is in a vending machine or sitting on a shelf.

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