Trucklane Powers Ahead with Most Dynamic Truck Buying and Selling Service in South Africa

Revolutionising the Way South Africa Looks and Buying and Selling Trucks, Trucklane is Proud to Change the Game

October 23, 2014 (FPRC) -- Trucklane is fast becoming the go-to name for high quality truck sales in South Africa, having introduced a revolutionary new service for sellers and buyers alike. Devised as a means by which to eliminate the time and effort required to sell and buy premium trucks at the lowest prices, Trucklane has already earned a reputation for delivering new levels of excellence.

Having acknowledged the difficulties faced by commercial vehicle buyers and sellers compared to those of standard car buyers, the Trucklane team set about filling a significant gap in the market. The result is the uniquely comprehensive resource that is today’s Trucklane, which continues to power ahead as a genuine game-changer for South African truck sellers and buyers alike.

Uniquely Comprehensive Service
'At Trucklane we believe and maintain that your needs are our needs and so we take that commitment very seriously. By saying that we strive to live up to our promise and make sure our actions and service collates with our word' as well as continually look for new and improved ways to maintain that vision. We proudly offer the following services to all our clients as well as prospective clients.' - Trucklane

Rather than simply ticking all the usual boxes, the Trucklane team has gone the extra mile. Unlike conventional selling methods and portals, the owner of the truck looking to make a sale need only communicate the details to the Trucklane team which will then step up and take control of the selling process. This means that not only will the vehicle receive maximum exposure targeting the most appropriate buying audiences specifically, but each and every element of the sale is handled on behalf of the truck’s current owner.

From answering initial questions to organising viewings to carrying out demonstrations and all else besides, the Trucklane team handles the jobs that would otherwise prove a burden for the truck’s seller.

A Century’s Experience
'Trucklane is a newly developed and uniquely specialised website designed in the UK where truck and trailer sales are of a very high standard and fulfils the European standard of truck and equipment sales, not that the market in South Africa is far behind, we, however, will constantly strive to improve our website so that our clients will receive maximum return on their investment with us and you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands with a combined total of over 100 years within the industry.' – Trucklane

What sets the Trucklane team apart from all others across the industry is a combined experience of over a century – truly unrivalled across South Africa. No team currently in operation knows trucks inside out quite like those at Trucklane, having ushered in a truck retail revolution that’s in a different league to anything seen before.

About Trucklane:
Trucklane is a unique and innovative new service available to the people of South Africa, created to connect used truck and trailer sellers with buyers. By marketing the right trucks, trailers or plant and equipment sales in front of the right audience and taking control of the entire sales process, Trucklane makes it uniquely easy for truck buyers and sellers alike to make a quick sale and ensure the right price is paid. Check out our website for more information.

Contact Information
Trucklane, 57 Kelly Road, Jet Park, Boksburg, Gauteng, 1459, SOUTH AFRICA.

For more information contact Glenn Horack of Trucklane  (
+27 7165 66040

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