Local Company Offers Eco-Friendly Waste Removal to All of London

24/7 Waste Removal, a relatively new waste collection company in London, announces that their 24-hour eco-friendly services are now available to all residents and business owners in the capital of Britain.

November 17, 2014 (FPRC) -- 24/7 Waste Removal is a new waste collection company which offers 24-hour eco-friendly collection now to the whole London area.

In recent years, the waste management business is evolving both towards greener methods, and customer-friendly flexibility. A good example of this case is the relatively new London company "24/7 Waste Removal", who now offers eco-friendly disposals service to the all areas in the capital.

The company was founded in the summer of 2014 and has been growing since. Now they have expanded and covered the whole of London. As their name suggests, they offer 24-hours waste removal services which can be booked at any time. All they need is an address and information on the type of refuse—domestic, commercial or construction.

One 24/7 Waste Removal spokeperson had to say: "From the beginning, our main goal was to provide waste removal services that are both eco-friendly and convenient to our customers. We started with flexible bookings—we are available 24 hours a day, which is not something our competitors offer. Now we have grown and provide those convenient options to all suburbs and boroughs of London. One of the most frequent questions our clients ask is whether or not our services are truly 24/7. Rest assured—they are, and that is valid for every region we cover."

Naomi Reynolds, now frequent customer of 24/7 Waste Removal, talked about her first experience with the company: "My business requires frequent waste removal services. Sadly, this means I sometimes need the junk collectors to come on Sunday evening. When I heard of 24/7 Waste Removal, I was sceptical at first and I didn't believe they will truly show up on Sunday evening. But I gave them a try and they really impressed me—not only did they arrive but they were polite, offered me a reasonable quote on the work and were quick with their job. They saved me a lot of hassle, and they continue to do so to this day—I even book them for my home, should I have the need. I strongly recommend 24/7 Waste Removal to anyone who's in need of such services; even to those, who are available during work-hours."

One can book their services over the phone. Their customer care centre is open truly 24 hours a day—there are no playback messages and their advisers are available at all times. They assist customers with the booking process and provide free price estimates, based on rough information about the size and weight of the refuse. An exact price quote is provided on-site by the waste removal experts before a final agreement.

24/7 Waste Removal offers three different types of waste disposal services: domestic (house, furniture, loft, garage and electrical appliances), commercial (shop and office clearance, IT appliances and tyre disposal), and construction waste collection.

Their staff is made of professionally trained technicians with years of experience in the field. Their high-quality service is also guaranteed by the fact all members of their staff are vetted and insured against property damage. They use specialised vehicles, suited for refuse transportation and fitted with GPRS so that they can find your address with ease.

After all the waste is collected, they will carry it to the nearest dumpster and dispose of it in accordance to local and law regulations. The company is registered and operates in accordance to EU and British waste management rules.

You can visit 24/7 Waste Removal's official website at http://247wasteremoval.co.uk/. You can find additional information on their services and the company itself. In addition to their phone lines, they offer two alternative ways of contact—a website chat facility, where you can talk with one of their advisers, and a booking form for customers. Once you fill in the form, a representative of the company will get in touch with you shortly.

For more information contact John Perrie of 24/7 Waste Removal  (http://247wasteremoval.co.uk/)
020 3404 4868

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