Gun Games Introduces Gun Blood And More New Free To Play Flash Game Shooter Titles has recently brought Gun Blood to their extensive flash game catalog along with a number of other top rated games so that gamers can find all their shooter favorites in one location.

San Francisco, CA December 12, 2014 (FPRC) -- Shooter games are the most popular genre on consoles by far, and they test the reflexes and rapid decision making of gamers, as well as simulating a high-stakes environment filled with excitement, opportunity and tragedy all from the comfort of the living room. These games are expensive however, and many people simply wish to indulge for a few hours rather than for a whole game. Fortunately for them, Gun Games exists to bring together the very best free to play flash game shooters from around the web. The website has recently added Gun Blood and several other top rated titles to their catalog, so people needn’t look anywhere else.

Gun Blood is arguably the best and most popular gun game of 2014, offering a relatively simple play dynamic that nevertheless offers a great deal of challenge, increased incrementally as players advance through the levels. Using a classic western quickdraw format, it challenges reflexes and timing and allows players to get high scores.

Equally, Strike Force Heroes is one of the top rated gun games on the site, and offers a platform format similar to classics like Metroid, which adds a movement element to the game dynamic which increases its challenge considerably, and is just one of thousands of games on the site.

A spokesperson for Gun Games explained, “From our site, gamers can get all the mind blowing, blood guzzling, berserk, action packed, over the top dramatic, fast paced shooting, life threatening survival, pro training and challenging missions, they could want, and more. The competitive world of video games is never complete without the awesome title Gun Blood. Players can test their speed, alertness, shot accuracy, and reach the ranks of renowned shooters in this epic new shooting adventure.”

About Gun Games: Gun Games is a flash gaming website that has one of the best and most popular all time favorite collection of guns and shooting video games. Gamers will not only be able to play modern day first person shooters but also try their hand at some of the most challenging platformers and arcade shooters that prove a challenge for high scores. For more information please visit:

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