Londonís Increase in Bed Bugs Thought to Be Caused by Tourists, Says Empire Pest Control

Tourists are said to be the reason behind the increase in bed bug infestations in London over the last 6 years, according to the London-based pest control company.

December 23, 2014 (FPRC) -- Experts have revealed that bed bug infestations have doubled in the UK over the past 6 years, and, according to reports, tourists are to blame for the increase. London and the South East of England have seen the worst of it, with pest experts reporting a huge 108 per cent increase in call-outs.

Tourists that are travelling to and from South America and Asia have unknowingly encouraged the spread of the bed bugs in hotels and hostels by transportation in luggage, clothing and bedding. According to Empire Pest Controlís Director Mark Stanford, bed bugs cannot fly or jump, but they do crawl very quickly, which allows them to easily spread throughout a building.

'The body of a bed bug is flat and very small, which allows them to squeeze into tiny crevices and small spaces in mattresses, bed frame joints and head boards,' he says. 'There are many signs to look out for if you need evidence of a bed bug infestation, including unexplained skin rashes or itchy bumps, black marks and blood spots on a mattress, or mottled bed bug shells.'

Mark knows first-hand how quickly a bed bug infestation can escalate.

'A single female bed bug can lay between 200-500 eggs over 2 months and can be extremely difficult to spot. It is really important to get a pest expert to deal with bed bugs as soon as possible in order to stop the infestation worsening, particularly if youíre in the hospitality industry.'

Contrary to popular belief, the existence of bed bugs in a home does not indicate poor hygiene, as these pests are able to survive in any environment that sees many people travelling in and out of the rooms on a regular basis. Mark says: 'Hostels and hotels are usually hit the hardest due to the high turnover of people coming from varies countries. Despite bed bugs not being a sign of poor cleanliness, they can damage an establishmentís reputation and cause a great deal of irritation among guests!'.


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