Insomnia Research Proves How Natural Solutions Work Best to Solve This Issue

Research and marketing company, Insomniactive Safe Sleep Solutions is striving to extol the virtues of Melatonin and numerous other natural remedies that may help millions finally get some sleep.

Nashville, TN, February 6, 2015 (FPRC) -- The CDC has declared insomnia to be a public health epidemic. A recent study has shown some surprising statistics. The average American sleeps 20 percent less than their ancestors did 100 years ago. Over 30 percent of the population now suffers from insomnia and each of those people are at a higher risk of heart disease, obesity and depression than those who get the rest they need. It is with these worries and statistics in mind that starting today, Insomniactive Safe Sleep Solutions is stepping up their efforts to notify everyone that insomnia can indeed be treated and to encourage anyone unable to get the sleep they need to give natural solutions a try.

Company spokesperson Nancy Reid explained their reasons for launching the public awareness campaign at this time, “There are many reasons people lose sleep, but nearly everyone can be helped. Too many Americans are missing out on life because of something that can be treated. People often suffer in silence because they fear the only answers are potentially dangerous drugs or lengthy sleep studies that lead nowhere.” Reid continued, “The fact is, natural remedies are available right now that are non-addictive, safe to use and incredibly effective."

Reid went on to explain more about one of the products they are encouraging people to try. Melatrol, a supplement containing Melatonin has been shown to produce amazing results in a broad range of people. “Melatonin is the key,” stated Reid, pointing out numerous studies on this naturally occurring chemical that is produced in the pineal gland. “When Melatonin levels are low, people suffer from insomnia. Raise the levels and relaxation and sleep become easier for everyone”.

Insomniactive Safe Sleep Solutions wants to make certain everyone is aware that options do exist and they are not only safe, but can offer some amazing benefits. These include the melatonin anti aging effects many people were unaware of until they begin using the product. According to Reid, by neutralizing free radicals, Melatonin is apparently able to reduce the aging process. "When people are young, their Melatonin levels are high, as the levels drop, the aging process becomes more rapid. That speed can be slowed when a Melatonin supplement is taken." The list of benefits and a full melatonin FAQ can be found on their website,

“Not only is Melatrol able to help people finally get the rest they need, but it may help regular users to look younger and possibly even lose weight”. Reid pointed out these facts and adding a tip that many pet owners may not have previously discovered. “A surprising feature is how this supplement has also been shown to be useful for dogs, curing their own sleep problems as well as reducing some of the anxiety issues many pets have.” The company hopes that anyone suffering from insomnia will try the natural solutions their research has shown to be safe and effective. By offering this information they feel every sufferer will have the opportunity to finally get a good night’s sleep.

About Insomniactive Safe Sleep Solutions

Insomniactive Safe Sleep Solutions is located in Nashville, Tennessee. They focus on finding sensible, natural solutions for sleep disorders. They are also dedicated to helping sufferers recover from the side effects they endure due to their lack of sleep. The company is comprised of people who have suffered from many of these problems themselves and are using their own experiences to assist others in finding a solution.

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