SnoreRx Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Upgrade Offers Slimmer Design for People Who Snore in 2015

SnoreRx redesigns its popular stop snoring mouthpiece, introduces slimmer design, more comfort and safety for people who suffer from snoring.

SnoreRx redesigns its popular stop snoring mouthpiece, introduces slimmer design, more comfort and safety for people who suffer from snoring.Aliso Viejo, United States - February 11, 2015 /PressCable/ -- Apnea Sciences, the manufacturer of SnoreRx, has announced a new improved design to its popular "stop snoring" mouthpiece, SnoreRx.    The changes in SnoreRx were brought about due to an ongoing effort to improve the user experience where customer suggestions were heard and acted upon. New upgraded features were designed to resolve three of the most common issues reported by customers which include: -     Slimmer less bulky design.  -     Easier adjustment and stays locked in place.  -     Greater comfort and improved custom fit impression. More details for SnoreRx can be found here, SnoreRx remains the only non-prescriptive oral appliance that meets and exceeds established medical standards set by Medicare and is approved by the FDA.   One of its flagship features include a built in calibrator allowing the user the ability to reset the mouthpiece adjustment to provide maximum effectiveness and comfort whenever needed. The adjustment moves in 1 mm increments, or what's called Jaw Advancement Calibration.  SnoreRx does not produce constant pressure or torsion which can lead to pain and tendinitis. Jeff Rafael, a senior SnoreRx affiliate, had this to say: "The concept behind SnoreRx is not new, however the design is.  They have taken all aspects of this type of device to a much higher level.  Making the new upgrades has addressed many of the most common issues reported by customers.   If a person is a candidate to wear a stop snoring mouthpiece, I believe SnoreRx is now by far the safest, most effective and affordable solution to cure their snoring problem, period. I love that it's 100% made in the US, it adjusts, and is loaded with a ton of great safety and comfort features to get a great night's sleep.  I use it personally and I know how wonderful it is.   Truthfully, you can easily spend over a thousand dollars for a custom mouth guard that may work, but probably won't even last as long.  For the price you can't beat it." Customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future. Current customers interested in learning more or to purchase can do so directly on the website at New customers can also use the site to purchase the latest version of SnoreRx. For more information about us, please visit http://www.snorerx.comContact Info:
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