EmaiLeaders Launches, Teaching Readers How to Become Successful Email Marketers

New informational site opens with a wide range of useful, accessible articles and guides designed to help anyone become an effective email marketer, EmaiLeaders reports

Denver, CO, February 12, 2015 (FPRC) -- The founders of EmaiLeaders have announced that the new email-marketing information site has launched and is now available to online visitors at . Committed to providing concrete, actionable information that readers can use to improve their own email marketing efforts, the editors of EmaiLeaders have stocked the site with a wealth of content for its opening. Visitors to the new site will find a variety of helpful, accessible resources, ranging from a basic overview of email marketing to in-depth articles that tackle more advanced and specialized topics like email autoresponders and list building. In addition to offering up an impressive array of content from the start, the editors of EmaiLeaders are committed to adding fresh, new, equally useful articles on a regular basis.

"Email can be one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools of all," EmaiLeaders representative James Nowicki said, "Unfortunately, how to use it to its full potential remains a mystery to most. With deep collective experience in the field, we at EmaiLeaders are eager to help our readers understand how to make the most of email marketing."

According to research conducted by EmaiLeaders, well-crafted marketing emails are as much as 40% more likely than Facebook or Twitter posts to produce new customers. The company has also found that the return on investment from capable email marketing efforts often dwarfs that of other methods, with some projects producing returns as high as 40:1, a figure that is rarely matched by other kinds of marketing.

Having spent many years crafting email marketing campaigns for their own businesses and those of clients, the founders of EmaiLeaders decided that it was time to help others learn these valuable, powerful skills. Even among those who are aware of the potential of email, many shy away from it, whether because of being afraid of alienating potential customers or simply not knowing how to start.

With the launch of EmaiLeaders, these become problems of the past. Given its extensive collection of initial content, EmaiLeaders is already one of the top sources for high-quality, proven information about how to design and conduct effective email marketing campaigns, and it will only become more useful as time goes on and it is expanded further.

Although created by some of the industry's most experienced veterans, EmaiLeaders aims at helping those of all experience levels improve their email marketing skills. Beginners in the field will appreciate a number of articles on the new site that introduce them to the subject gently, including those covering topics like designing a basic email marketing strategy and picking the best software for the task. More advanced email marketers will enjoy and benefit from a variety of articles that provide rare, exclusive insights into special topics like the attempt to squeeze the greatest possible return out of campaigns that have already proven to be effective.

All of this valuable information and more is available in highly accessible form, free of charge, at . The site's editors are already in the process of polishing the next wave of content to be published and will continue working tirelessly to educate visitors about the incredible potential of email marketing.

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Helping readers take advantage of the unmatched power of email marketing, EmaiLeaders provides accessible, actionable information that can make a big difference to people of all experience levels and goals.

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