Stradalli Cycle Hires Pro Cyclist Ruben Companioni

March madness no longer covers only basketball, it also is the beginning of the Professional Cycling season and Stradalli Racing has come to win. The team has announced that they have added superstar cyclist Ruben Companioni to the team for the upcoming season.

March 9, 2015 (FPRC) -- Companioni, 25, was born in Cuba and a member of the Cuban National Cycling Team from 2005-2012 before moving to the United States in June of 2012. He then joined team Jamis in 2013 and since then has put up outstanding results. With top finishes and wins in races all over the world, Companioni certainly brings an impressive resume to the team in both criterium and road racing.

Team owner Tom Steinbacher is extremely eager to get the 2015 cycling season underway.

“Stradalli is a global brand but our home and heart is in South Florida and this is a town that loves to bring in and build big name athletes. The Heat brought in Wade, Bosh and Lebron James, and won championships. The Panthers brought in Jaromir Jagr, the Marlins have Giancarlo Stanton, and the Miami Dolphins have Ndamukong Suh. So, I just wanted to keep up with the tradition South Florida is building. We want championships here and I want to add ours to the mix!”
Professional Cycling has gained enormous popularity around the world over the last decade thanks in large part to more television exposure and the competition in the United States has never been tougher. The acquisition of Ruben Companioni not only makes the Stradalli race team a serious competitor in 2015 but he will also bring more attention to the sport being teamed with a South Florida based company as Tom Steinbacher believes; “Every year there are more amateur and professional cycling events added in South Florida from West Palm Beach all the way down to the Keys. The events have never been more popular and we feel this is the perfect move at the perfect time.”
Steinbacher has been building a successful racing team in the past few years and many feel he has an advantage, not only with the appeal of being based in South Florida, but also with developing and manufacturing his own line of cycles under the Stradalli brand.
“Stradalli bikes are built and sold around the world for competitive racing. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or simply do it for the passion. We are a company that believes if you have the best products you will have the best results and when we design a bike we design them to work for the amateur cyclist as well as a championship winning team. I’ve built the bikes, now I’ve built the team!”
With over 22 years of high-tech manufacturing experience, the company has consistently built championship quality bikes and now has the team in place to get the results Steinbacher has been looking for.

“I look at a sport like NASCAR, the owners have a passion for racing, they don’t just buy a car, and then build the cars themselves. They look at the competitors to learn what they are doing; they manufacture their own cars and team up with major manufactures as well like Chevy and Ford. Then once they have a great team together to build the cars they work on bringing in world-class drivers to race them. That’s how you build a race team, from the ground up. We have spent many years building this team from the ground up and I know we have the best bikes in the world. Now I want the best riders in the world to take advantage of our manufacturing abilities and that’s what we are bringing them in. Last year we added Bob McCarty and now we have added Companioni and top USA Crits finisher David Cueli. We are building the best cycling team and they have the best bikes. That’s what attracts these riders to us, they know that they are not only getting the best manufacturing team but they are also having input on how these bikes are designed and built. A lot of our riders are from here, they live in South Florida so this is home to them and that’s what I wanted. We have some of the best athletes in all of sports who train here all year long and cycling is no different. There aren’t many places you can go to that will offer the perfect climate to train, a huge fan base, an established company that manufactures their own bikes, years of championship experience and world-class cyclists in their prime.

The goal is to build a good but nice and happy team that is competitive in criterium, road races. Companioni has a proven track record in both. The acquisition has given Stradalli a huge advantage going into the new racing season and many believe they are the favorites to win a lot of races over the next several years.

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