150th Anniversary of London Sewers is Commemorated by the Prince of Wales Inside the Deepest Tunnel

The Prince of Wales visited the Lee Tunnel and Abbey Mills Pumping Station this year to celebrate the capital’s sewer network as it approaches its 150 year anniversary.

March 10, 2015 (FPRC) -- February 18th saw the 150 year anniversary of London’s sewer network, and to celebrate the occasion, his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales made his way over to East London’s Abbey Mills pumping station to venture down London’s deepest tunnel, which stands at 75 meters deep.

King Edward VII, the great-great-grandfather of the Prince of Wales, was the reigning king to open the network that was designed to save the city from the infamous ‘Great Stink’. In 1865, the capital was suffering from a severe pollution problem that was affecting the city’s main water source, the Thames River. It is the sewer network currently in place that rectified the situation that was effecting the health of Londoners throughout the city.

Cholera was becoming a huge problem in London in the 19th century, infecting generations of families. The Victorian sewerage system designed by Joseph Bazalgette transformed the water network, practically eradicating detrimental diseases.

Fraser Ruthven, Growth and Strategy Manager for London Drainage Facilities expressed the team’s excitement about the anniversary saying:

“Here at LDF, we are extremely excited about the anniversary as this marks the incredible structure of the network that has stood for 150 years and with a few tweaks here and there, the network will exceed a further 150 years.”

Fraser continues: “The improvements that are being made and planned for the future will mean that the capital will have a cleaner river, improving the condition of the environment as well as the lives of Londoners.”

Abbey Mills pumping station in Stratford is where the celebration will take place, where another cause for celebration is in order - the completion of the Lee Tunnel. London’s deepest tunnelling work is a part of the bid to clean-up the River Thames, at a cost of £635m.

Thames Water’s strategy to keep the River Thames clean involves three major schemes that include the £675m project of upgrading five of the main sewage works; the £4.2bn Thames Tideway Tunnel and Lee tunnel.


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