Locksmith and Security Companies to Push Out the Scammers in York PA

It is no secret that Locksmith and security specialists in York, PA are growing tired of the scammers in their city.

April 6, 2015 (FPRC) -- Reportedly, companies are running ads on the search engines advertising unrealistic pricing for emergency services, only to extort their victims upon arrival. The alleged con artists will offer services on their website for $19, which is well below the typical price for emergency services, and then increase the price exponentially once they arrive on the scene. Here is what the people of York City should know to make an educated decision before hiring a locksmith.

“This is making the game a lot harder for the professionals that really work hard to cater to the community”, says Charles of Legacy Locksmiths, a York locksmith and security company, “We have to work twice as hard to establish trust with a customer and they are still weary because of what they hear these companies are doing”, Charles complained.

Charles stated several days ago when he was interviewed “there are a number of things to consider before calling a locksmith If the deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Emergency locksmith services will run you between $70-125 depending on the time of day and the location of your home or vehicle. Pricing that is a lot cheaper than the above numbers should be deemed suspicious.”

Charles then added, “You should not be redirected to a call center or dispatcher. In York City especially, the reputable operations will have their cell phone numbers on the listing you find. If someone wants to redirect you or patch you through to another person, then that is enough reason to proceed with caution. Oh and be sure to always avoid 800 numbers and numbers that are not local. There is no good reason for this. Typically this means the company advertising is not local and should have no business being patronized.”

Then Charles went on to explain, “If your locksmith mechanic is onsite and starts trying to increase the price, call another technician immediately to get a second opinion. Their most used excuse is that they need to perform a special procedure in order to open the lock. This just is not true and they are attempting to rip you off. Stay calm and do some research. It is easy to make hasty decisions in emergency situations but take your time and make sure the service provider you are choosing has a real brand and an upstanding reputation in the community. A quick Google search for Locksmith York PA will present you some great opportunities to research brands on Yelp and check their Google reviews."

Charles concluded, “this is not just something happening in York, but all around the country.”

Legacy Locksmiths has a video which may be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3--DEpALyRs

About Legacy Locksmiths:

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