Medical Technology Entrepreneur, Marc Buckingham Launches New Online Network for Professionals in the Medical Device Industry

MedTechAgents is an online network connecting manufacturers, distributors and sales agents in the medical device industry. It is the first and only specialist networking and matching website for Medical Technologies.

The innovative website,, provides the important service of facilitating connections and relationships between professionals and businesses within the medical device sector. It works on one fundamental premise: MedTechAgents enable users to confidentially search Medical Technology organisations by location and speciality, anywhere in the world.

MedTechAgents is free to join, and free to search; you can use it to browse for Manufacturers, Distributers and Agents by medical field and location, or simply or set up your profile and let other users find you. Once the user has identified useful contacts, signing up for a monthly membership enables them to get in touch with the other MedTechAgents users, offering a quick, simple and effective way to find a distributor, manufacturer or sales agent.

Founder, Marc Buckingham, is a Medical Devices sales professional with over 10 years’ experience selling into a range of clinical areas, including OR and ITU. He comments that “MedTechAgents is founded on the appreciation of how vital specialist sales professionals are and the desire to make the world of the medical technology industry easier to traverse. I understand how crucial specialist sales professionals are, and from experience, I understand how difficult it can be to find and connect with distributors and manufactures without forking out hundreds of pounds on a specialist recruitment service.”

Traditionally, professionals in the medical device industry have had to attend industry events like Medica or ArabHealth in order to find and match Manufacturers, Distributors and Agents who may be potential business partners. This is not a very effective or time efficient way to connect with industry professionals as there are hundreds of attendees and it can be challenging to narrow down by medical speciality and location. It was this “bun-fight” that led founder Marc Buckingham to develop “It was while trying to find an independent sales agent in 2009 that I realised that organisations and professionals from all over the world are trying to network with like-minded and specialist partners for the sales and marketing of medical technologies.”

MedTechAgents was originally launched in 2013 in Beta, but it has now be redesigned and re-launched into a far more capable, user-friendly interface. Register now at

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