Londonís Sewage System Contains the Largest Concentration of Cocaine in Europe, LDF Reports

Research collected from the European Unionís drug monitoring body, which analysed over 50 cities across the continent, shows London to have the highest amount of drugs in its sewage system.

June 30, 2015 (FPRC) --
Experts in the drug monitoring industry said that the UK topped the scale in 2014 with a daily cocaine concentration of a huge 737mg per 1000 people. Amsterdam was the second worst city for cocaine contamination, with 716mg per 1000 residents.

The 2015 report also found that the amount of cocaine in Londonís sewage peaks on a Friday and Saturday and dips again on Sunday and Monday. This trend mirrors the wider research carried out by the governing bodies that suggests the highest number of cocaine users fall within the Ďyoung adultsí age bracket, who are traditionally more likely to be taking the drug recreationally at weekends.

The scientists carrying out the tests also found that the drugs methamphetamine, amphetamine and cannabis were present in the sewage systems of other cities in Europe, such as Norway and Germany. However, no trace of these drugs were found within Londonís systems.

'The team at London Drainage are appalled at the recent findings,' says Fraser Ruthven, Head of Marketing at London Drainage Facilities (LDF). 'Worryingly, too, the 2015 report from the European Unionís Drug Monitoring body just reinforces the problems we face as a nation with regards to the dangerous items that are entering our drainage network on a day to day basis.'

'It is vital that the authorities in charge get their heads together and start to tackle the problem head on.'

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