On The Rocks Launches New Range Of Whiskey Drinking Accessories Exclusively On Amazon

On The Rocks is a new brand launching a new line of whiskey stones, drinkware and bar accessories for sale exclusively on Amazon, offering the ultimate whiskey drinking experience.

San Francisco, CA, August 25, 2015 (FPRC) -- Whiskey drinkers take their drinks very seriously, and like wine tasting or even coffee in recent years, there is a strong culture for aficionados to try and find the perfect taste sensation from the drink. Drinking whiskey neat allows individuals to detect layers and subtleties that are destroyed or broken down by the addition of ice, which dissolves into water and dilutes the whiskey. On The Rocks is a new online supplier of drinks accessories, and has launched a range of products exclusively on Amazon to help people get the best from their whiskey drinking experience.

One of their latest products is a set of six whiskey soap stone rocks, which enable individuals to cool their drinks by freezing the stones and dropping them into the glass. On The Rocks Whiskey Stones do not affect the flavor or texture of the whiskey in any way, allowing individuals to cool the drink without ice cubes. The stones feature a unique design, with rounded edges to prevent any possibility of damage to glasses.

The company also sells high quality, heavy duty and beautifully formed whiskey tumblers, together with a wider range of drinks items including a water infuser perfect for creating cocktail mixers, novelty cups and even children's drinking cups for their party drinks.

A spokesperson for On The Rocks explained, "These soapstone rocks are a perfect alternative to ice, it offers the best of both worlds. It's much easier to detect the subtleties of flavor in a whiskey when the ferocity of the alcohol is tempered by a cooler temperature, but ice destroys that same flavor by diluting it. These rocks can be cooled in lieu of ice cubes and provide the perfect taste experience, affordably and easily, and are completely reusable. Buy the stones here on Amazon. This is just one of the many amazing items we have on offer on Amazon, and we look forward to building a loyal customer base thanks to our quality and affordability."

About On The Rocks
On The Rocks drinkware create an amazing range of products designed to improve the experience of drinking liquors, sprits and cocktails. Selling their high quality, original products exclusively on Amazon, and their range is constantly expanding as the company continuously researches and develops new ways to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

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