Central Virginia Home Inspections Announces a $295 Home Inspection Special for a Limited Time

CENTRAL VIRGINIA HOME INSPECTIONS announces a $295 home inspection. This limited time offer is good until December 31st 2015. This offer includes the InterNACHI "We'll Buy Your Home Guarantee”. The program states "If your participating inspector misses anything, we'll buy your home back".

Richmond, VA, United States of America - September 11, 2015 (FPRC) -- "www.Realtor.org, in March, reported that home inspectors are a critical part of the home buying and selling process. The report goes on to say that the majority (77%) of home buyers had a home inspection prior to purchasing their home." Perry Lombard, spokesperson for CENTRAL VIRGINIA HOME INSPECTIONS, announces.

Potential home buyers must understand what is and is not included in a home inspection report. When performing a home inspection the home is evaluated as a system. A house is a system of interdependent parts: mechanical and physical components. The operation of one part affects many others. When they all work together, the house is comfortable, safe, efficient, and durable. The home inspection doesn't take the place of a code inspection. It is designed to locate any items that are nearing the end of their life span, any items that don't work as intended, and any safety hazards present in the home.

Prospective home buyers use this information during the negotiation process. Items in need of repair or replacement are detected during the inspection, Perry continues, home buyers may request the asking price of the residence be reduced or the items repaired or replaced before the sale is finalized. This information helps to ensure the home buyer pays a fair price for the residence.

When choosing a home inspection, home buyers need to ensure they get a professional with the necessary qualifications. When even one item is overlooked during the process, the new homeowner may find he or she has a costly repair to deal with or must replace a major defect of the home. For this reason, those looking to purchase a home need to use a variety of techniques to locate a professional of this type.

"The home buyer should start by reviewing the home inspectors credentials and ensure that they are accredited with a national home inspection association. In addition, what a home inspector does is provide an independent review of the property, not influenced by any of the other professionals in the transaction. It is important that the inspector doesn't have a stake in the outcome of the inspection. Inspectors get paid whether or not the sale goes through. In contrast, lenders and real estate agents make a profit when the sale closes and may not recommend a home inspection company that works for the client." Perry continues

More than three-quarters of buyers hire inspectors. Most of those buyers have a clause in the purchase contract that makes the sale contingent on acceptable results of an inspection. The buyer can void the purchase or renegotiate the offer if serious problems are found. Many home buyers find we are the only company to call, thanks to our outstanding work and dedication to the client Perry declares.

For more information contact Perry Lombard, CPI of CENTRAL VIRGINIA HOME INSPECTIONS  (http://www.centralvahomeinspections.com)

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