Digital Product Blueprint Bonus Introduces New Social Media Bonuses For Niche Online Business Program

Digital Product Blueprint Bonus helps people get even more from the niche online business development program with a range of exclusive bonuses, now including social media tools.

Los Angeles, CA -- October 28, 2015 (FPRC) -- The online world is a double edged sword of opportunity and competition. Unlike physical marketplaces like the high street, there is no end to the real estate available online, and individuals can access online stores from anywhere in the world, instantly. The difficulty is that this means everyone can do it, and many do. The key to success is to have a strategy for identifying a gap in the market then exploiting that gap for profit. Digital Product Blueprint is a course that shows people how to do that using the strategies that have helped Eben Pagan sell tens of millions of dollars worth of products online. Digital Product Blueprint Bonus is a website that helps people find out more about the course, while also receiving huge bonuses if they decided to invest.

The new social media bonus tools include a suite of approaches for getting the best from Facebook, including social coupons and deals, exclusive secret Facebook software for campaign integration and management, and a guide to optimizing cost per action on the social network. These bonuses are available exclusively through the site.

In addition to an impressive suite of additional incentives, the website features a Digital Product Blueprint review designed to help people get to grips with what the main body of the program offers, and how it will help them identify and exploit niches in the online marketplace to help them make real profit.

A spokesperson for Digital Product Blueprint Bonus explained, "We are pleased to be able to expand the number and type of sign up bonuses we offer, but these are available for a limited time only. We love what Eben has done with the course, he has made it 100% newbie friendly while still delivering advanced strategies that anyone can profit with. To find out more about the course we would urge people to check out our review."

About Digital Product Blueprint Bonus
Digital Product Blueprint Bonus is a website designed specifically to offer information and opportunities to online business entrepreneurs looking into the Digital Product Blueprint Program created by Eben Pagan. The site includes the latest news on the course, reviews of pre-launch module previews and exclusive sign up bonuses to help people get a competitive edge when launching their next digital product.

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