Digital Product Blueprint Bonus Launches WordPress Themes and Tutorials As New Bonuses

Digital Product Blueprint Bonus is expanding the range of bonuses they offer to those signing up to Digital Product Blueprint through their site, with a new suite of WordPress assistance as part of a $25,000 bonus package.

Los Angeles, CA -- November 3, 2015 (FPRC) -- When launching a digital product online, having a great website that produces a great experience for users is essential, and can make all the difference between converting a visitor into a customer and losing them forever. This puts a lot of pressure on product creators to master web design, as well as a wide array of other online marketing skills. Fortunately, Digital Product Blueprint has been created by Eben Pagan to give people a step by step guide to the greatest possible success in launching products online. Digital Product Blueprint Bonus helps people make the most of the program with exclusive bonuses worth $25,000, and has just introduced a suite of WordPress bonuses to include for all new sign ups.

The WordPress bonuses include an impressive package of ten plugins and themes essential to be able to easily create a stunning looking website and populate it with the highest quality content sure to convert visitors. These are complemented by a wide range of over the shoulder WordPress tutorials that will help beginners master the design and content creation process, all geared toward digital product sellers.

These bonuses have been added to suite of exclusive incentives designed to help people make the best of the new course, which has been outlined in the Digital Product Blueprint review on the website, which gave the forthcoming course a strongly positive commendation after being impressed by the breadth and depth of the resources provided.

A spokesperson for Digital Product Blueprint Bonus explained, "Eben Pagan has delivered the definitive training guide to successfully bringing a digital information product to market, based on his own experience gained by selling over one hundred million dollars worth of products in the past. This level of expertise makes the product as viable a purchase for experienced industry professionals as it does for first timers, and our bonuses offer the unmissable opportunity to double the effectiveness of the course itself while further cutting unnecessary grunt work."

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