Cutting-Edge New Web Portal Launched by S-RM

Heyrick Bond Gunning’s Risk-Management and Business Intelligence Group Proudly Announces Online Expansion

November 9, 2015 (FPRC) -- S-RM is delighted to announce the launch of the company’s expanded, enhanced and optimised web resource following a comprehensive overhaul of the brand’s sizeable online presence. Heyrick Bond Gunning’s S-RM has once again set its sights on delivering an all-new standard in risk management and business intelligence solutions, geared toward optimum performance and profitability in a contemporary corporate climate.

S-RM has over a decade of experience working with exceptionally high-profile corporate and private clients, including several Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 businesses. World-renowned for the creation of flawlessly effective and supremely efficient BI and risk-management solutions, S-RM’s online expansion further extends the brand’s already wide-reaching global service provision fingerprint.

A Growing Global Presence
“By working with clients from early planning stages, we help them understand prevalent threats and identify potential risks to their operations. In turn, this helps them make well-informed, timely decisions to allocate the right resources to mitigate and manage those risks. As a result, clients benefit from more efficient operations, reduced insurance premiums and a competitive edge in complex, less accessible markets. We operate globally through offices in the UK, Scandinavia, Southern Europe, North Africa, West, East and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and North and South America.” - S-RM

As a global leader in bespoke risk-management and business intelligence solutions, S-RM is committed to the advancement and stability of its enviable base of clients. Proactive and future-ready risk management services allow businesses to minimise loss while maximising efficiency, resulting in a real and sizeable beneficial impact to profitability, long-term stability, position within the market and overall reputation.

A Holistic Approach
“Our holistic approach to security planning encompasses: security risk assessments; procedural, technical and physical site security; security management; crisis and evacuation planning; incident response; journey management; and staff training. Often, an embedded consultant manages ongoing risk by implementing and overseeing operations. Alternatively, we offer procedural reviews, staff training and 24/7 crisis response support for those clients who don’t require a full-time security consultant.” – S-RM

With the assistance of the industry’s most capable and highly-reputable designers, S-RM’s new corporate website represents a genuinely pivotal step forward for the brand. From one-off private risk assessment projects to long-term business intelligence involvement with the largest global brands and businesses, S-RM is committed to delivering exactly what’s required to ensure its clients’ on-going success.

About S-RM:
S-RM is a global business intelligence and risk management consultancy firm headed by Heyrick Bond Gunning. Specialising in the creation of bespoke the corporate and private risk assessment and security services, S-RM has worked with a vast array of exceptionally high profile clients since going into business in 2002, including numerous FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

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